Our Services

  • Advisory and executive coaching in brand development: assisting in defining brand concept, brand positioning and development and relevance paths; providing support for translating strategic positioning in terms of implementation projects in various areas; identifying key competencies to be developed; assisting in competency searches (individuals or corporate partners); monitoring and strategic review
  • Support in setting up product development and productive platforms: defining the supply chain model; designing product gamma architecture – Merchandising; designing the “product development system” and production requirements; identifying suppliers and partners in the various international markets
  • Support in revising distribution strategies and retail development: defining the distribution model; identifying guidelines for retail development and partner searches; developing e-commerce and omnichannel strategies as entry strategy tools; internationalization support: priorities, projects, approaches; developing partnerships and strategic international alliances/strategic matches
  • Support in M&A activities: profiling and identifying potential targets; business intelligence; assessing growth opportunities; implementation assistance (coordination and due diligence activities); KF (collaboration with KFinance); Post-integration: First 100 days; Post-integration: Strategic monitoring and board advisory

Our Observatories and Special Events

We monitor and study the evolution of new consumers' profiles, technologies and processes, globalization and international competition based on innovation and speed.

In 2016, we established the Fashion Supply Chain Think Tank, that brings together over than 50 Supply Chain Executives from leading brand to share their views regarding priorities and strategic challenges for the industry. The Global Fashion Unit fosters the discussion through proposing topics, readings and testimonies of best practices.

In 2022, we launched the Venice Sustainable Fashion Forum, an international event on the sustainable transition of the fashion industry. The first edition was held on October 27-28, 2022.

Stati Generali della Pelletteria

Organised by Assopellettieri in collaboration with The European House - Ambrosetti