Our expertise in European Affairs

With experts in Brussels and Milan, the European House – Ambrosetti is a leading European consultancy specialising in public affairs and providing clients with an all-round, flexible service offering. 


Policy monitoring

European policymaking plays a key role in setting future directions for European states and business communities. It is crucial that diverse companies engage with the EU policymaking process, anticipating key trends, understanding momentous decisions, and proving inputs and feedback in a transparent and timely manner. 

The European House - Ambrosetti supports businesses through tailor-made monitoring and intelligence gathering of relevant EU policy development, drawing from its pool of expertise and exceptional network in Brussels. 

What do we offer?
  • Intelligence gathering and regular reporting on key EU policy developments through regular briefings and written reports 
  • Q&A sessions with our experts
  • Ad-hoc events with relevant stakeholders and thought leaders
  • Bespoke policy impact analysis and strategic foresight 
  • Support for participation in public consultations held by the EU Commission
  • Identification of EU funding streams and support for applicants

Action oriented research & advocacy

We support clients in crafting and delivering key messages that help achieve their goals. We create opportunities for strategic discussions with relevant stakeholders and support companies to provide useful information to elected representatives, civil servants, and key constituencies at the European level.

We back up our work through action-oriented research that combines research and practical work to improve strategies and practices while also contributing to grow general knowledge around the most important themes in public policy today.

What do we offer?
  • Support in crafting and delivering specific messaging and policy campaign
  • Bespoke thematic paths, including research and events, around key business and policy priorities
  • Opportunity to join the Ambrosetti Club Europe, a permanent platform for private high-level discussion and networking, where Europe’s top executives, policymakers and thought leaders can meet and discuss
  • Community and coalition building, paired with the design and facilitation of participatory processes, gathering multiple business actors around the same policy priorities (learn more about our Communities)
  • Possibility to participate in our flagship international conferences at Villa d’Este in Cernobbio, Lake Como (learn more about our Summits)


The twin digital and green revolutions create an incredible opportunity to increase health, wellbeing, and prosperity in societies, while providing avenues for growth in many industries and business sectors. A great deal of regulatory power will need to be exercised to design a new increasingly digital and ever more clean economy. Considerable adaptation is asked of the business sector to contribute to and comply with an evolving body of norms and values.

As companies pick up an increasing number of responsibilities towards a diverse group of stakeholders – from workers to shareholders, to communities and ecosystems – and adapt their business models to include competing priorities and respond to multiple challenges, we offer strategic support for both regulatory compliance and change management. We help our clients turn challenges into opportunities and create long-term value for both business and society.

What do we offer?
  • Analysis of societal, political, and economic trends that have the potential to impact the company short-, medium- and long-term trajectory
  • Identification and monitoring of challenges and opportunities linked to the EU policy making process
  • Development of medium- and long-term strategies to adapt, contribute and lead change 

We believe in the value of bridging public and private sectors together

to co-create long-lasting solutions to shared challenges.