Global Summits are meetings that examine in-depth the key areas of interest to top management. They all share an international scope, top-level speakers and participants, and a practical approach to the issues discussed.

Each Summit is focused on a specific area of interest (Leadership, Marketing and Communications, Human Resources Management, Corporate Governance) and involves leading experts and players on the national and international scene, in a unique format of professional training, inspiration and networking.

Marketing Global Summit

March 12, 2024

Artificial intelligence, especially in its latest evolution of Generative AI, is radically transforming the world of marketing. A change so clear that, probably, you can talk about a "pre-AI" and "post-AI" kind of marketing. It is crucial for companies, and CMOs in particular, to have an idea as clear as possible of what this "new" world will be like.

What will Marketing be like in this new era? What will change and what will not? What opportunities - and challenges - will there be? 

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Leadership Global Summit

May 20, 2024

The 2024 edition of the Leadership Global Summit will provide an opportunity to compare models and case studies of leadership, to look for a common key with which to decipher the new challenges that all leaders face in an era of uncertainty, great socio-cultural changes and technological disruptions with ever greater impacts.

What are the challenges for leaders in the AI era? And how do you change your leadership to win them?

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Sustainability Global Summit

June 25, 2024

Which are the best strategies to respond to the challenges posed by sustainability? What solutions are frontrunner companies deploying? This Summit brings together internationally renowned experts and Executives from leading companies to share and comment on sustainability best practices.

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Supply Chain Global Summit

September 24, 2024

This Global Summit will be focused on the up-to-date strategies in the field of Procurement & Supply Chain Management, to enable the Top Management to efficiently address the current challenges. Participants will have the opportunity to analyse and comment on the latest best practices and the most effective management solutions.

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Human Resources Global Summit

October 15, 2024

A unique opportunity for updating and networking for anyone in charge of a team on any level. Leading international experts will offer forecasts, analysis and ideas to create organizations that are innovative, resilient and capable of proactively grasping the challenges and opportunities awaiting us in the future.

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