Reference context

In recent years, the evolution of the Public Administration has seen a number of interesting developments, including the creation of forms of decentralization of authority, operational flexibility, orientation towards performance and development of productivity.

Our services

  • Competitive development strategies on a national, regional, state or local level, as well as for other territorial entities
  • Planning of public sector development policies and production facilities
  • Analysis, scouting and research into investors to attract investment and business facilities to the area
  • Creation of investment initiative business plans (design of initiative and evaluation business system)
  • Assistance in creating strategic relations with investors, competence centers and businesses
  • Design of vertical, sector-related policies and strategies
  • Strategic governing, monitoring of vertical sector-related policies and strategies (economic, social, cultural, tourist and environmental development, technological innovation, e-government, time and work flows requirements, etc.)
  • Design of public policy financing models
  • Planning of technology transfer models
  • Drawing up of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) governance
  • Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the impact of public policies, including those which support business
  • Optimization of the mission and organization of public bodies, design of their governance processes, programs for the start/end of terms of office, social budget, activities involving key internal public administration processes
  • Surveys on citizen and business needs and satisfaction levels
  • Creation of on-going services to businesses, including export and internationalization support services
  • Strategic and operational planning for public communications
  • Cultural reorientation and change management initiatives