Industrial Strategies and Policies

The European House – Ambrosetti services are designed for:

  • italian industrial and manufacturing companies that operate both in Italy and abroad
  • foreign companies that have production facilities or intend organizing them in Italy
  • service companies with operational difficulties who could gain advantage from examining manufacturing companies 


  • diagnosis of the industrial system and the extent to which it coheres with the strategic goals of development and competitiveness
  • diagnosis and definition of a process of improvement for optimizing a company’s overall supply chain and creating a “first-in-class” supply chain
  • improvement in innovation processes, new product development, industrialization and link to downstream production processes
  • choices involving internationalization of production and new industrial frameworks on the basis of the company’s own strategy and market opportunities (in versus outsourcing and in versus offshoring)
  • definition of new organizational models and structures in industrial spheres (research and development, technical areas, production, logistics, purchasing and distribution)
  • training and development of skills and methods in lean manufacturing, value stream management, just in time, etc.
  • organization of programs of study and analysis involving examples of the most forward-looking companies and best practices in Italy and abroad: study tours and benchmarking programs
  • assistance in preparing and formulating medium-to-long term industrial plans designed to implement new industrial choices made involving productivity, product costs and margins, levels of working capital and actual levels of service
  • other projects designed with and for our clients

Industrial Plans and Implementation

Our model provides a modular approach. From a simple verification of the reasonableness and solidity of a project already created by a client, to developing a plan from scratch that ranges from finding equity or debt resources to help in implementing the plan, our clients can choose in which phases they would like our support, having a clear idea of the entire process. If the project is aimed at creating a strategic alliance or a M&A operation, our international network allows us to assist our clients in selecting the most appropriate partner.