Organization and process

Business strategies today require continuous modification, and this means a company’s organization and processes must be able to adapt quickly to ever-changing requirements to guarantee maximum management flexibility and operational simplicity. 

Our services

  • Corporate organization for international networks and/or processes
  • Scenario analysis and crisis tests
  • Reconfiguration of the operational and informational structures of the company’s major business areas
  • Planning and creation of integrated logistics systems
  • Business performance optimization
  • Project management
  • Design and activation of decision support systems (DSS)

Cyber Risk & Security

Within today’s global context, taking on and managing risk are indispensable to creating value for shareholders.

Our services

  • Set up of risk and security governance and optimal organization design
  • Definition and implementation of corporate asset protection strategies: Identity Access Management, application and platform security, IT operation security, web service security
  • Risk evaluation and planning and security management
  • Business continuity planning and management
  • IT Disaster Recovery planning and management
  • Creation of efficacious privacy and compliance systems