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Università della Pennsylvania For the fourth consecutive year, The European House - Ambrosetti has been nominated - in the "Best Private Think Tanks" category - the No. 1 Think Tank in Italy, ranking in the European top ten and ranking in the World top one-hundred independent out of 6,846 Think Tanks globally, in the University of Pennsylvania 2016 Global Go To Think Tank Index Report. Read the press release >

TEH-A among the Best Private Think Tanks

The European House



National and international Press Review - Finance Workshop 2017

From international and national media, all the articles dedicated to the 28tht edition of the Workshop “The Outlook for the Economy and Finance”, which took place on April 7 and 8 , 2017 at Villa d’Este in Cernobbio.

finance workshop 2017

The pendulum of history is moving: being optimistic despite uncertainty

Welcoming Remarks by Valerio De Molli, Managing Partner of The European House – Ambrosetti, at the 28th edition of our annual Workshop “The Outlook for the Economy and Finance”.

Ambrosetti Club Economic Indicator

The Italian economy proceeds at (scooter) pace

Also in these first 3 months, as in the last quarter of 2016, the overall picture is characterized by high levels of uncertainty on the economic and geo-political front. It’s an uncertainty that has become the “new normality” as many businessmen and top managements of large Italian companies have informed us in these months.

Lettera Club 83


This Lettera summarizes the findings that emerged during the second year of the Community’s activities, with special focus on the reference scenario for Italy as seen from the data produced by the Cashless Society Observatory and the initiatives and proposals for Italy formulated by the Community.


Previews of the 28th Finance Workshop

Valerio De Molli talks to Class CNBC about the main issues to be discussed during the Finance Workshop which will take place on April 7 and 8, 2017 at Villa d’Este, Cernobbio.

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The European House - Ambrosetti

Our numbers, our areas,
our success

The European House – Ambrosetti is a professional group founded in 1965 which has gradually developed many activities in Italy, in Europe and in the world.

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Client area

All the news from the websites of our services

Facilitate high levels of responsibility and availability of time more and more reduced: this is the goal of the services provided by our organization.

The European House


The European House - Ambrosetti

Our Method

Get results faster. This is The European House – Ambrosetti promise to its clients. An ideal goal, but one that can be attained through very concrete actions that involve all of a company’s leverage points through a broad-ranging and unique spectrum of types of services.

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The numbers of The European House - Ambrosetti

The measure of success

The first fifty years of The European House – Ambrosetti are years marked by concrete, tangible success. An evolution that has allowed us to become a Group that is recognized internationally.
Here are just some numbers that are the measure of this evolution.

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Think Tank

Rule #1: Knowing

Understanding reality. Without blinders, without being content with common knowledge and always being ready to call into question everything, down to the smallest detail. This is not just theory. It is the starting point for every idea developed. This is the purpose of our round tables, the ideal environment for frank discussion about the present. 
Indispensable for thinking about the future.

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Management Consulting

Facts and figures, areas of expertise and success stories

In providing its management consulting services through its various practices, The European House – Ambrosetti Group follows a well-defined organizational systems approach.
This is what sets us apart.

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Leaders' education

No knowledge = no future

The days of holding the same job for life are over. Over the years, everyone must continue to update their skills and knowledge if they want to avoid finding themselves out of a job. For this reason, The European House – Ambrosetti offers on-going, diversified training services to help professionals of all levels keep up with the whirlwind pace of today’s job market.

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Summits & Workshops & Forums

In the midst of world leaders

They are our windows on the world, the tangible points-of-reference for those who know and admire The European House – Ambrosetti. Occasions for bringing together the corporate management of national and multinational groups so they can meet. Giving them the opportunity to listen to the opinions of world leaders who often take part in our events. In certain cases also being able to interact with them. In short, top-level events that make us unique among the world’s consulting firms.

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