Family Business and Governance Consulting | The European House - Ambrosetti

 Area: Family Business 


  • Elaborating an Agreement/Statute among family members: a system of shared rules, criteria and mechanisms through which family members establish the “rules of the game” and their behavior towards the company in order to safeguard common interests and the greater good
  • Working alongside younger family members during their professional development in order to maximize their potential for self-realization
  • Developing within family members knowledge and skills to effectively carry out the role of partner and member of the board of directors
  • Creating and implementing bodies and mechanisms to promote dialogue and positive coexistence (family councils, etc.)
  • Defining a patrimonial strategy: The European House-Ambrosetti provides support to clients in defining and applying a strategy appropriate to the quality of life of family members, their economic needs, control of the company and its governance and the risk level of investments and related balancing requirements

 Area: Executive Compensation 


  • Remuneration Policy Check-Up: identificating the strenghts and opportunities for improvement related to client remuneration systems, as compared to a panel of benchmark companies or in terms of market desires (institutional investors)
  • How much to pay: supporting the establishment of total remuneration and the retributive mix of top management, as well as developing custom benchmarks to establish congruity of remuneration for members of the Board
  • How to pay: designing short- and medium/long-term incentive systems

The European House - Ambrosetti has developed a unique methodological approach: the Index of Governance Excellence (EG Index) provides an objective evaluation of the quality of a company’s governance system through the mapping of a portfolio of qualitative and quantitative indicators. This tool, together with the analysis of corporate documents and one-to-one interviews with members of the board of directors and committees, and corporate heads and management, provide a rigorous and detailed picture of the state-of-health of the governance of each company.

A permanent Observatory on Governance

In 2004, The European House - Ambrosetti created a top-level permanent Observatory whose goal is to provide practical advices and proposals to promote the attainment of excellence in the governance systems of Italian companies. The Observatory is aided in this by an Advisory Board and is supported by companies which are partners in the initiative.

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