Value of Water Community

In 2019, The European House – Ambrosetti established the Value of Water Community with the goal of involving the different players of the extended water supply chain (network managers, service providers, representatives of the world of agriculture, industrial players, technology providers, software developers, etc.) and the relevant Italian and European institutions, with a view to establishing a constructive, permanent dialogue

Our Mission

“To be the Think Tank of reference for the development of scenarios, strategies, best practices and policies for the extended water supply chain in Italy and the optimization of its development at the national, regional and municipal level so that the country can become a benchmark of reference in Europe and worldwide”   

Today, more than ever, an efficient and sustainable water supply chain is indispensable for the future of all areas and is becoming increasingly important on a systemic level. It is fundamental, therefore, to have a vision and strategy capable of bringing together the contributions of all players in the extended water supply chain. Managing climate change and elaborating adaptation strategies is strongly related to water resource management

5th edition of the Value of Water for Italy Community

On May 10, 2023, the 2023/24 edition was launched. Throughout the year, the Community has worked on several projects:

  • Value of Water Observatory, which collects the main data on water management in Italy, this year with a focus on climate change
  • Action Proposals for the development of the extended water supply chain, defined by analysing the obstacles and the implementation of actions and initiatives
  • international networking through the analysis of international benchmarks and meetings with actors of the extended water supply chain from abroad

In addition to closed meetings with external experts and spokepersons of Italian and European insitutions, which are solely accessible to the Community's Partners, the 5th edition included 3 thematic Focus Groups:

  • Circular Water”, for discussing a sustainable transition in water management, both in agriculture and urban settlements
  • Smart&Digital Water”, for analysing smart and digital solutions for the sector's efficiency and optimisation
  • "A new water culture and the pilot project in Italian schools”, which will present the results of the awareness and education initiative carried out in some schools in Italy

The 5th edition of the Community was closed with the presentation of the 2024 "Value of Water for Italy" White Book, during the World Water Day, on March 21-22, 2024 (Rome, Acquario Romano). 

Sustainable Development Goals

The availability of a fully efficient water supply system is essential for a country and its economy to function and be competitive. 10 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) introduced by the United Nations in September 2015 are affected by efficient management of water resources.

In this scenario, optimization of the water resource is a common goal for all the stakeholders in the extended water supply chain: the managers and operators of the civil and industrial sectors, the representatives of the world of agriculture, the providers of technology, software developers local and national institutions.

On the basis of these considerations, The European House - Ambrosetti has launched the first edition of the Value of Water for Italy Community.