Digital Transformation

Digital Innovation &
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In Italy, Cefriel represents an example of a “digital innovation & design shop” whose clients—private companies and government and institutions—are guided through the process of conceiving and developing “custom-made” technological solutions tailored to their own specific needs.

Digital Transformation

Cefriel is a “Digital Innovation and Design Shop” headquartered in Milan with offices in New York and London. Since 1988, it has been working alongside companies and local government to create, rethink or innovate their services, products or processes.

A consortium of limited liability companies, Cefriel’s partners are four universities (Politecnico di Milano, Università degli Studi di Milano, Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca and Università degli Studi dell’Insubria), the Lombardy Region and 15 major companies in a range of sectors, including Microsoft, TIM, ENI, Pirelli and, starting in March 2017, The European House - Ambrosetti. Since 2014, Cefriel is also an affiliate partner of EIT Digital, the network of leading research centers in Europe in the field of ICT innovation and is the home of the Milan satellite node.

The original consortium spirit has been preserved in the commitment Cefriel exhibits in working with its clients so that their initiatives will have a tangible impact on business and, when possible, the economy as a whole.

Cefriel’s clients can draw on the expertise of over 130 professionals, most of whom are also involved in R&D activities which account for nearly 20% of the hours worked. Cefriel professionals are engineers and university graduates who hold multiple degrees in the sciences (post-graduate specializations, PhDs, MBAs, etc.), the most senior of which have over 10-15 years of experience.

The multi-discipline workgroups include individuals with technical experience and skills in design and business, with backgrounds in academia, research and the ICT sector (hardware, software, telecommunications), as well as the specific sector of each client.

The only Italian company to be included by Gartner among the Cool Vendors in IoT Solutions 2016, Cefriel is organized into centers of specialized competencies that cover all areas of ICT:

Cefriel has four divisions which operate from an inter-disciplinary approach:

Digital Enterprise
It deals with IT (eco)systems to organize and re-process complex data to make it easily-accessible and utilizable both within the company and among companies.
Digital Platform
It primarily follows IoT (Internet of Things) projects and works to make objects and infrastructures interactive and “smart”, and it is the heart of Industry 4.0 expertise.
Digital Interaction
It is the division that develops the design of the product, user experience and data display.
Digital Knowledge
It is involved in defining and providing custom training programs for professionals and managers based on the concrete experience they have acquired in developing innovation projects.

With the Masters programs, the Project Management Academy, the ICT & Design programs and Executive programs, training remains Cefriel cornerstone.

Alfonso Fuggetta

Alfonso Fuggetta

CEO and Scientific Direcrtor, Cefriel

Tel.  +39 02 23954 324