Operational Excellence

Knowing how to change, knowing how to risk

Improving economic performance also means being able to rethink your corporate structure in line with new market demands, together with the courage to blend shrewd risk management with attempts to achieve new results. With the advice of The European House – Ambrosetti.

Operational Excellence
The global context

Business strategies today require continuous modification, and this means a company’s organization and processes must be able to adapt quickly to ever-changing requirements to guarantee maximum management flexibility and operational simplicity.
More than ever, markets change rapidly and often unpredictably, and the next few years will see even further acceleration.
Companies who want to remain competitive must commit themselves to constantly innovating their product lines and services and developing a highly-dynamic approach and implementational capability.
Our services are designed to assist in identifying development opportunities and offer all the tools required in terms of organization, processes and resources to take advantage of them.

Our unique approach
  • Provide a unified source for both the development opportunity identification and implementation phases.
  • Interdisciplinary approach to opportunity identification and evaluation activities.
  • On-going monitoring of development needs and trends in primary market sectors.
  • Creation of development initiatives within the corporate environment or promoting new market situations.
  • Access to The European House – Ambrosetti network for benchmarking and knowledge sharing.

Our services
  • Corporate organization for international networks and/or processes
  • Scenario analysis and crisis tests
  • Reconfiguration of the operational and informational structures of the company’s major business areas
  • Planning and creation of integrated logistics systems
  • Business performance optimization
  • Project management
  • Design and activation of decision support systems (DSS).

Case histories

Our ORGANIZATION AND PROCESS consulting service has a large number of concrete cases to its credit. The European House-Ambrosetti clients have available to them a full array of detailed documentation that is kept continuously up-to-date. For information about specific types of projects, please contact us.

Long-term economic planning for the Mose project

Sector: Construction

Client: Licensed by the national government to perform public works for the state

Consulting results: Identification of the most appropriate economic policies for taking on potential scenarios  in the evolution of the work plan.

The global context

Within today’s global context, taking on and managing risk are indispensable to creating value for shareholders.
The solutions generally adopted by companies have often tended to avoid risk. The result of this is that management has been forced to avoid risk, rather than taking it on in a responsible manner and from an entrepreneurial standpoint.
Our initiatives go beyond a purely negative concept of risk to develop an approach that not only guarantees protection of corporate assets, but also works to construct a competitive advantage based on effective risk management.
Our services cover all types of strategic and operational risk, with the exception of financial risk.

Our unique approach

Strategic risk overview aimed at protecting corporate assets as a vehicle for value creation.
Strategic, organizational, operational and technical choices based on economic quantification of risk (surpassing index limits).
We offer a full range of solutions, from strategic outlook to creation of both logical and physical security counter-measures, from an organizational, operational and technological standpoint.

Services offered
  • Set up of risk and security governance and optimal organization design.
  • Definition and implementation of corporate asset protection strategies: Identity Access Management, application and platform security, IT operation security, web service security.
  • Risk evaluation and planning and security management.
  • Business continuity planning and management.
  • IT Disaster Recovery planning and management.
  • Creation of efficacious privacy and compliance systems.

Case histories

We have extensive consulting experience in the Cyber Risk & Security sector. The European House – Ambrosetti clients have available to them a full array of detailed documentation that is kept continuously up-to-date. For information about specific types of projects, please contact us.

  • Business Continuity Program
  • ISSM & DRP
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  • Business Continuity Program
  • CAI BCP processes
  • Protection and security program audit
  • Set up of the protection and security program and BCP creation.

Bitcoin has developed significantly in the last months. Bitcoin is an innovative peer-to-peer payment system and a new kind of money, a digital currency also known as crytocurrency. The debate that surrounds it ranges from overt skepticism and confusion to enthusiastic acceptance.

It is too early to say what the future of cryptocurrencies will be, but they already offer innovative aspects that deserve further study to understand what they are and their potential in technological, social and economic terms.

The lack of any centralized infrastructure or authority is generally considered to be their greatest innovation. While this is true technically, if we enter into the logic of how the Bitcoin protocol functions, what emerges is the possibility of constructing natural oligopolies which, in fact, govern the network.

Existing and emerging needs are satisfied using different methods and, above all, by new players. The traditional boundaries of competitive sectors are modified. Different players become potential competitors, with the additional possibility of occupying oligopolistic positions in the future.

This discontinuity—which is emerging at a surprisingly rapid rate—is still too immature for the profundity of the changes it could generate to be assessed. But, without question, it is already possible to perceive market scenarios and options which until even just a few years ago were unforeseeable. And for this reason—with the current dearth of ideas—the Bitcoin-driven discontinuity cannot be ignored.

An opportunity for “captains courageous” (It.)

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