People and Results

Human Capital

The way people work, how their competences interweave and the use and efficient channeling of energy towards a single, acknowledged and shared goal can make the difference between simply good and excellent organizational performance.
Therefore, tremendous competitive advantage can be obtained through people and one of the most fascinating tasks of The European House – Ambrosetti is that of creating the conditions for this to happen by aligning the behaviors, methods and competences of groups towards attaining corporate goals. Channeling—and this is the precise term—all the power that human capital can unleash towards the winning target.

People and Results

We assist companies, organizations and institutions to achieve high-level (and often unexpected) results through the management and development of large groups of people.

People are the primary asset of a nation, its institutions and organizations that make up its fabric. Ignoring this asset may be the most serious fault a person with the privilege of safeguarding and developing the intellectual, economic and social wealth of society at-large could have.



  1. Education and development of competencies at all levels on technical and behavioral themes in the corporate world, institutions and academia, for both professional positions and individuals.
  2. Alignment of top management and functions.
  3. Assessment and readiness at all levels of the organization, both individual and groups.
  4. Marketing and sales training to generate volume.


  1. Cultural analysis of the climate and development of sustainable approaches.
  2. Management of processes of change (rapid and profound).
  3. Innovation architecture and acceleration of the efficacy of management processes.
  4. Marketing, Sales: measurement and organization.
  • STATE-OF-THE-ART: Ongoing development of a mix of intelligent methodologies and technologies to continuously think outside the box.
  • CRITICAL MASS: Involvement of the greatest number of people in the shortest time possible during the phases of identifying the problem, and building and implementing solutions.
  • SPEED: Rapid achievement of results, constant striving for excellence and value for the client.
  • MEASUREMENTS: We have been measuring perceptions, behavior, competencies and performance since 1988. This has generated one of the broadest and most comprehensive benchmarks in Europe.

Because we believe that studying is the main way to improve ourselves, our individual performance levels and those of the group.

Because we know that deeply-held passion is an accelerator of individual commitment and potential, and that collective enthusiasm can be activated at any moment in organizational, social and professional life.

Because we have seen that good spirits (a sense of willingness) opens the way to finding solutions and setting the goal of winning is just not enough. To be invincible, you have to become unforgettable.

Because we want our clients to exceed their expectations by becoming a benchmark themselves, without wasting time and energy in its pursuit.

30 professionals with a broad range of educational and cultural experiences (degrees in over ten different subject areas). 44-year range between the most senior professional and the most junior.

We produce 120 projects a year, working with 60 clients and impacting on 22 situations internationally.

We publish at least 4 studies a year on current managerial and behavioral trends involving employees, professionals and managers.

Over 50% of our volume is generated by services and products that were not in our portfolio the year before.

The People Area is comprised of 13 management consulting lines:

  1. Change Management & Mobilizing People: organizational structure and support in reorienting competencies and overall practices of corporate employees in order to implement the strategies developed, also through managing alignment events for the top team, working teams and groups of key people (contact: Marco Grazioli, marco.grazioli@ambrosetti.eu, tel: 02/46753.213)
  2. Team Coaching (and individual coaching for newly-appointed top managers) support for basic groups to facilitate adoption of new operating practices over a very short time period (contact:  Theodoro Biscommatis, theodoro.briscommatis@ambrosetti.eu, tel: 02/46753.258)
  3. Leadership Pipeline (Readiness & Assessment): evaluation of potential and readiness to fill more responsible roles with immediate feedback and confidential individual and group assessments (talent grid). Structuring of performance management and incentive processes and creation of reserves for key roles (contact: Alberto Castigliano, alberto.castigliano@ambrosetti.eu, tel: 02/46753.5617)
  4. Organizational Demography: organizational structure and creation of management systems for questions relating to employee age, motivation and re-motivation, mobilizing their competencies and their ability to spread the corporate philosophy in order to avoid wasting resources related to competencies, experience and competitive abilities (contact: Eva Giudicatti, eva.giudicatti@ambrosetti.eu, tel: 02/46753.5614)
  5. Cultural Talent & Gender Boost: development of talent and the underlying organizational culture and construction of systems for mapping, management and capitalizing on all types of differences, and boosting cultural characteristics, including through comparison with viewpoints outside the organization (contacts: Simona Controzzi, simona.controzzi@ambrosetti.eu, tel: 02/46753.5363; e Angelo Viti, angelo.viti@ambrosetti.eu, tel: 02/46753.5249)
  6. Customer Delight: reconstruction of the customer satisfaction experience in order to improve sales organization, processes and practices, for both manufacturing and service companies and for business-to-business and business-to-customer departments. Rapid improvement in sales network performance in terms of both macro changes in context and micro requirements involving product changes or introduction of new products and services (contact: Maurizio Besozzi, maurizio.besozzi@ambrosetti.eu, tel: 02/46753.5262)
  7. Gap Bridging Education: structure and management of permanent professional training and education for managers and all categories of employees (from line to top) on all ICT and relational platforms and using all types of modalities (large and small groups, in person and remote, web and distance). Synchronic and diachronic efficiency measurement (contact: Paolo Gasca,paolo.gasca@ambrosetti.eu, tel: 02/46753.291; e Matteo Ratti, matteo.ratti@ambrosetti.eu, tel: 02/46753.5250)
  8. KPI’s & Measurement: setting and monitoring performance indicators capable of linking cultural orientation, managerial styles, climate trends and operational behavior with business results both in terms of profit and loss account and assets (contacts: Mario Leone, mario.leone@ambrosetti.eu, tel: 02/46753.5353; e Beppe Cova, beppe.cova@ambrosetti.eu, tel: 02/46753.5630)
  9. Organizational Innovation: systems and initiatives for organizational, educational and support assistance in developing and managing processes and innovation projects. International benchmarks and remote monitoring systems of project and process efficacy (contact: Davide Amabile, davide.amabile@ambrosetti.eu, tel: 02/46753.5419)
  10. Start up Inception: support in creating entrepreneurial spirit through direct contact between innovators and large (manufacturing and service) organizations. Monitoring of a pool of over 20,000 start-ups, extracting trends and sector changes, low-risk pairings (Golden Gate) of heterogeneous micro teams and creating new skills to respond to increasing demands for innovation (contact: Ivan Stammelluti, ivan.stammelluti@ambrosetti.eu, tel: 02/46753.5364)
  11. Competencies Design & Selfie: creation of technical and managerial competencies structures and competence evaluation systems on both a self and 360° level, and systems that bring together cognitive, psychometric and attitudinal tests (contact: Vincenzo Torcivia, vincenzo.torcivia@ambrosetti.eu, tel:02/46753.633)
  12. Accelerate Sustainability Impact: orient and support companies and organizations in their process of transformation towards a business model that is sustainability-integrated and a capable of creating long-term value. Accelerating sustainability impact means taking on transformation through interpreting, responding to and dialoging with change in society and the market to increase competitiveness (contact: Carlo Cici, carlo.cici@ambrosetti.eu, tel:02/46753.206)