Real Estate

Full-fledged recovery

Real estate has also felt the negative effects of the crisis, perhaps even more than other sectors. But now that the worst seems over and things have begun to move, this sector is reacting, although stimuli and help from the outside are needed. Such as that from the service created by The European House – Ambrosetti whose goal is to identify situations of local potential which need to be relaunched.

Real Estate

The global financial crisis has had a significant impact on the real estate sector. A sector which, currently, is experiencing a phase of disorientation/restructuring, but which nonetheless indicates that the inactivity of the recent period has been surmounted. What we are seeing is a (slow) improvement that will lead to the awaited recovery. The changed scenarios have already led to an increase in demand in the capital market for this sector but which does not yet appear ready to react immediately. What is required is to re-focus the product, restructure the debt/equity financial positions and identify a product offer in-step with new needs and the ability to create a system between owners, regulating bodies, the capital market, users and the construction and service sectors.
This is the context for the consulting activities of The European House-Ambrosetti Real Estate practice.

The services of The European House-Ambrosetti include the following activities:

a) Making the most of local areas. This service is aimed at public and private entities, including local and regional public administration, sector associations and associations in general, bank foundations, financial foundations, private foundations with a range of statutory goals and, in general, those organizations in which making the most of a local area is a key aspect of their mission.

b) Reclamation of complex real estate assets. Analysis of the asset classes and individual assets in order to create strategic plans through which to balance risk classes, improve economic/financial ratios and exploit the asset.

c) Preparation of industrial plans both corporate- and asset-based, through which to define and/or redefine new overall strategies, new goals and market positions.

d) Renewal and/or renovation of assets owned by industrial entities that also diversify their activity through real estate investments. Creation of strategies (i.e., reclamation, transformation, development, sale or structured operations) and their implementation;

e) Asset management to define the ideal asset allocation of privately-held (family office, HNWI) and small- and medium-sized firm real estate;

f) Advisory responsibilities that include the production of documentary output for strategic and/or operational purposes and accompanying clients from execution to the closing phases of the operation.

g) Responsibilities with boards of directors, oversight committees, executive and/or advisory committees and steering committees in which outside experts with extensive technical expertise and recognized interpersonal skills would be either useful or necessary.

Making the most of local areas

Client: Confindustria Monza e Brianza (employers’ association)
Description: Project to relaunch the Reggia Reale (royal villa) in Monza on an international level through capitalizing on a number of its unique aspects, such as its park, the royal villa and the racetrack.

Strategic project for holdings in Real Estate investment companies

Client: Consorzio Cooperative costruzioni (builders’ cooperative)
Description: Creation of an industrial strategic plan to define guidelines for action involving all real estate asset holdings, following analysis of all investment-related industrial initiatives.

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Maurizio Monteverdi

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