Scenarios and Strategies

Building reality, structuring successful behaviors

One of our most important tasks is that of “portraying” reality, interpreting the changes—of every type—currently in progress. In short, building scenarios through a 360° approach based on detailed analysis of the historical, social and economic aspects of the reality surrounding us. Only in this way is it possible to have a profound view of the world. And act accordingly.

What does “act accordingly” mean? It means developing innovative strategies that make it possible to translate choices into results, immediately. Those who do not do this risk simply “weathering” change and being swamped by it. For this reason, in the strategy formulation process, we must apply our creative abilities to their fullest extent.
Among these is undoubtedly the need to build a team that is highly-motivated to produce new ideas, a team that is culturally varied and which loves a challenge.
Being up with the times is crucial.


The ability to interpret reality around us is crucial for not remaining victims to the changes underway and, at the same time, being able to create value.

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Strategy is a creative act. It is innovative and represents an opportunity. It makes it possible to take on change without being overcome by it.

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Internationalization strategy

Generating profits outside traditional geographical boundaries has become a “must” for any company that wants to prosper. But to be successful, things must be done well.

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