23 May 2022

2022 BioEquity Europe

May 16-18, 2022, Milan

In May, Milan hosted the 2022 edition of BioEquity Europe, the main event in Europe for the professionals of venture capital and private equity, startups and the Life Sciences industry (biotech, medtech, digital medicine) to talk about research, innovation and technology transfer in the sector.

The initiative brought together over 500 professional operators who attended plenary sessions, one-to-one meetings, company presentations, pre-seed showcases and networking spaces.

One of the results we are most proud of is having nominated the city of Milan as the venue of the event. As The European House - Ambrosetti, we have had the role of Regional Host and local coordinator and designed collateral initiatives to keep focus on this event and position Italy as a hub for Life Sciences in Europe.

We introduced the participants to a pool of 25 research projects and startups, among the excellences in the field, and presented a Position Paper related to the Italian Life Sciences ecosystem, with a particular focus on investments in venture capital in the sector. In this way, we wanted to display the richness, potential and opportunities of  Life Sciences in Italy, and showcase to all stakeholders the excellences that Italy is able to offer.

Download the Position Paper The attractiveness of the Italian Life Sciences ecosystem

Please find further information on the event's official website.