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28 February 2022

NextGen Organization. Agile, Digital, Open: the role of technology in transforming organizational models

In recent years, digital transformation has become increasingly pervasive within companies, achieving a fundamental role in the evolution of products, processes and organizational models. In this sense, it has also promoted a change of Human Resources functions, favoring transformations in their approaches and operating processes.

The digitalization of the Human Resources function and an evidence-based approach are essential elements through which we could (re)build models of governance and organization of activities that will have an impact not only on the economy, but also on society. The current situation, albeit with its dramatic contradictions, is an important occasion and the so-called "Human Resources Management" can and must be a central player in this process of transformation.

The position paper produced by The European House - Ambrosetti with Workday Italia look at the future of organizations. Starting from analysing factors that today hinder the evolution of a company’s organizational structure, the position paper summarizes the evidences collected through the comparison of data gathered through interviews with HR managers of primary companies in Italy. Through these dialogues, it was, in fact, possible to identify experiences where the application of digital technologies in the HR field has supported the transformative strategies of the organization. The position paper also contains some practical proposals to address the current priorities of HR managers.



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