07 January 2021

Cetti Lauteta
Project to strengthen public/private partnerships in priority research and training at the University of Messina

The business fabric, which remains the primary driver for growth in Italy, requires continuous renewal, including of skills, to successfully take on the challenges of global competitiveness, but also a number of major transformations, such as digital and sustainability. Overcoming the critical factors in this regeneration increasingly involves stimulus and sharing between the corporate sector and universities and, more generally, with the world of science and technology.

The Università degli Studi di Messina (UniMe), founded over 400 years ago in Sicily, in its latest Strategic Plan 2020-2022, set itself the goal of “promoting scientific research in all areas of learning to offer ongoing instruction for students, companies and institutions who believe in knowledge as the foundation of the development of society”, as a way of leveraging the scientific wealth produced to generate social-economic growth and strengthen the research and innovation ecosystem.

Cognizant of the challenges offered by the major changes facing academia and the job market, in 2020 UniMe, in collaboration with The European House – Ambrosetti, launched a project aimed at reinforcing technology transfer and research from an open innovation approach for the university system with leading players from industry, high-tech and research to contribute to creating a positive force in promoting economic and social development in Sicily and the nation, and boost the attractiveness of the Messina university system for young students and researchers.
To promote the opportunities offered by UniMe and identify technological trends, areas of research and governance and organizational tools with business and national and international research centers, The European House – Ambrosetti is organizing a series working groups to be held in Messina. This is the calendar for 2021:

  • First Working Group – Friday, January 22 (11am-1pm – venue to be announced)
  • Second Working Group – Monday, March 8 (11am-1pm – venue to be announced)
  • Third Working Group – Friday, April 16 (11am-1pm – venue to be announced)
  • Fourth Working Group – Friday, May 26 (in collaboration with The European House – Ambrosetti Technology Forum Week)

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Cetti Lauteta – Responsabile Practice Scenario Sud; cetti.lauteta@ambrosetti.eu; +39 02 46753.322
Giulia Tomaselli – Project Coordinator; giulia.tomaselli@ambrosetti.eu; +39 02 46753.647