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07 February 2023

Corrado Panzeri
Proposal for a Zero Carbon technology roadmap

The strategic study prepared in collaboration with ENI, “Proposal for a Zero Carbon technology roadmap”, was presented in Brussels on November 10, 2022, and in Rome on February 9, 2023.

This Study was realised with the involvement of 13 global key experts, 41 leading European companies and an extensive analysis of 185 sources of academic-managerial literature, with the aim of promoting a principle of technological neutrality in Europe in the field of decarbonisation, in which the synergic and complementary contribution of all available technologies needs to be exploited to reach the Zero Carbon target.

What is needed is a change of pace of the decarbonisation process of our society to reduce greenhouse gas emissions faster than hitherto, multiplying the rate of reduction of the last decade by four times to reach net zero emissions in 2050, without sacrificing welfare and social equity. To this end, research and technological development are our most important allies.
Valerio De Molli

The presentation events gathered:

5 representatives of the European institutions

5 representatives of the Italian Government

2 research centers

11 European industrial associations

47 industries from Italy, Germany, Spain, and France

Among the speakers:

  • Andris Piebalgs, Professor, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, European University Institute; Adviser, Office of the President of Latvia; Former EU Commissioner for Energy
  • Valerio De Molli, Managing Partner & CEO, The European House - Ambrosetti
  • Claudio Descalzi, Amministratore Delegato di ENI
  • Markus Kerber, Advisor Scientifico dello Studio Chief Strategist, CDU; Former State Secretary, Ministry of the Interior - Government of the Federal Republic of Germany; former CEO & Director General, German Industry Federation (BDI)
  • Filip Alexandru Negreanu - Arboreanu, Deputy Head of Cabinet, Cabinet of the European Commissioner for Transport
  • Gilberto Pichetto Fratin, Italy's Minister of Environment and energy security
  • Tullio Ferrante, Italy's Unsersecretary for Infrastructures and sustainable mobility


Executive Summary (in Italian)

Presentation by Valerio De Molli and Markus Kerber

Infographic on the study's results

Infographic - Carbon Neutral Energy Production

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Corrado Panzeri

Head of the InnoTech Hub, The European House - Ambrosetti