24 June 2022

The contribution of social networks and digital channels for the growth and digitalization of small and medium-sized Italian companies

Rome, June 24, 2022

The Round Table was organized by The European House - Ambrosetti in collaboration with Meta, a company that controls Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Messenger. 

The event was held on Friday, June24, 2022 in Rome at Binario F. The audience may participate remotely.  

The meeting concludes an in-depth study aimed at analysing the critical areas of Italian small and medium-sized enterprises in terms of digitisation and the support provided by digital technologies during the COVID-19 crisis to quantify the potentially deployable systemic benefits that could derive from an increased use of social networks and digital channels. 

Some of the questions we discussed: how can the digitalization of SMEs support the growth of Italy? What are the priorities for supporting SEMs in their path towards digitalization? What contribution can digitalization bring to Italian SMEs' export? What is the contribution of the 4.0 Transition Plan included in the National Recovery and Resiience Plan (NRRP)? What advancements of the Italian digital ecosystem can contribute to the development of advanced digital services? 

During the event, we presented a study made for Meta, titled "The contribution of social networks and digital channels for the growth and digitization of small and medium-sized Italian companies

The event was moderated by Claudio Calì (journalist, Sky TG24)

Among the speakers there were: Luca Colombo (Country Director, Meta), Valerio De Molli (Managing Partner & CEO, The European House – Ambrosetti), Davide Bertolasi (Chief Marketing Officer, Nutribees), Ottavia Pittaluga (CEO and Founder Shopthelook), Anna Ascani (Undersecretary, Ministry of Economy), Eleonora Faina (Director General, Anitec Assinform), Angelo Mazzetti (Head of Public Policy - Italy, Greece, Malta and Ciprus, Meta), Marco Cantalamessa (Chief Marketing Officer, SIMEST), Andrea Degl’Innocenti (Director of Digital Services for Businesses, ICE), Mauro Minenna (Head of the Department for Digital Transition, Italy), Paola Generali (President, Assintel and President, Digital Innovation Hub - Confcommercio), Mirella Liuzzi (Deputy, Movimento 5 Stelle).