In 2015, The European House – Ambrosetti launched the Life Sciences Technology Forum, the high-visibility event in the Life Sciences Community. The Community is the multi-stakeholder platform for discussion and debate around life sciences and its mission is to “contribute to supporting the research and innovation ecosystem in the life sciences sector in Italy by promoting centers of excellence and creating a network of national stakeholders to foster knowledge transfer, the development of new projects and to improve the positioning and competitiveness of Italy and its economy on an international level”.

Starting in 2020, the Life Sciences Technology Forum turned into a week-long event with a main forum and a series of thematic meetings during the final week of September.

This year's Week

September 26, 2022 @ Genova, Center for Human Technologies IIT 

Data and Genomics in Life SciencesThe meeting will be devoted to the role of data in Life Sciences and to developments in the field of genomics, one of the most promising lines of research for its potential benefits on population health, which finds its main enablers in new technologies (AI, big data and machine learning).

September 27, 2022 @ Milan, Milan Innovation District 

Technology Forum Life Sciences - Life Sciences and Italy's National Recovery and Resilience Plan. The main event of the Technology Forum Life Sciences Week.

Among the confirmed speakers: Marco Baccanti (Fondazione ENEA Tech e Biomedical), Franco Locatelli (Professore ordinario di Pediatria, Università La Sapienza), Francesca Pasinelli, (Fondazione Telethon), Rosario Rizzuto (Fondazione Centro nazionale di ricerca “Sviluppo di terapia genica e farmaci con tecnologia a RNA”), Fabrizio Sala (Assessore per l'Istruzione, Università, Ricerca, Innovazione e Semplificazione, Regione Lombardia).

September 28, 2022 @ Salerno, Fondazione Ebris

The roadmap for innovation and research in Life Sciences: the contribution of the Campania system. The meeting will be dedicated to delving into the new frontiers of Life Sciences research, identifying development opportunities for the Campania ecosystem and for the country, and gathering new policy and planning indications for the Region and all players in the Life Sciences sector.

29 settembre 2022 @ Rozzano, Humanitas Research Hospital

Technology Transfer in Life Sciences. The discussion will be cantered around Technology Transfer and the benefits of transnational research to the Italian ecosystem. By comparing some key features that can be found among the main European TTOs, the meeting aims to show the development trajectories of Technology Transfer in Life Sciences. On top of that, the discussion will cast a light upon those virtuous cases of industrial collaboration, thus highlighting the main partnership models activated through the role of TTOs. Therefore, the ultimate objective of the meeting, is going to be to strengthen the position of Italian research centres in a solid international network with other major European partners.

30 settembre 2022 @ Rovereto, Trentino Sviluppo

New Frontiers in Life Sciences: Artificial Intelligence for Medicine

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