Lettera Club 109 – The value network of e-commerce and digital retail: a driver for Italy’s growth and digital transformation

The European House - Ambrosetti has carried out a strategic study for the Netcomm Consortium aimed at understanding the dimensions and opportunities that e-commerce and digital retail can generate for the country system.  PDF Download


Lettera Club 108 – Circular Europe. How to successfully manage the transition from a linear to a circular world

If there is a project capable of developing a positive vision of the European Union, it is without doubt the Circular Economy: it has what it takes to become a "catalyst for the common good" around to which to develop a "great vision" for the future. The European institutions have now largely recognized this great potential.  PDF Download


Lettera Club 107 – Banks of the Future: technological challenges and opportunities offered by the innovation ecosystem

The mission of the study titled “Banks of the Future” is to: Understand the impacts of the transition from the current competitive framework in the banking sector towards new models of “Banks of the Future”, with special emphasis on the transformation of banks into “Tech Companies” and the implications for strategies, offerings, organizational models and human capital.  PDF Download


Lettera Club 106 – 2020 Innotech Community. The new future

This Letter summarizes the results of the annual report of the InnoTech Community 2020, in which the priority themes related to research and innovation are deepened, in the context of an economy increasingly based on the use of data, with the aim of analyzing the impact on the life of citizens and businesses in the "new future".  PDF Download


Lettera Club 105 – Water, a supply chain from over 287 billion Euros of Value Added: one fifth of the Italian GDP rests on water resources

Water is a scarce and strategic resource. Demographic evolution, increasing urbanization and climate change are factors that contribute to subject water resources to unprecedented stress, in the world, in Europe and in Italy. Already today, 25% of the world’s population is in a state of water stress.  PDF Download


Lettera Club 104 – Towards the Cashless Revolution: progress made in Italy and what remains to be done

The payment industry is among those that best express the potential associated with innovation, enabling benefits related to traceability, efficiency and security of transactions that, in turn, are associated with the increase in the cycle of consumption, the emergence of the underground economy, the efficiency of public administration services and also the digitalization of the economy as a whole.  PDF Download


Lettera Club 103 – Corporate governance in Italy: what practices on sustainability management?

In the light of the centrality, within the debate on corporate governance, assumed over the years by the theme of corporate social responsibility, our Permanent Observatory has carried out an in-depth study aimed at analysing the methods and mechanisms for managing sustainability adopted by Italian listed companies.  PDF Download



The 14th Meridiano Sanità Report examined the question of health and healthcare from a system-wide perspective that analyzes current trends with an eye to future scenarios for change. Particular attention was focused on the challenges to health that have emerged in recent years, with the goal of identifying a systemic and sustainable strategy that makes it possible to promote the health and physical and mental well-being of people in all policy decisions by facilitating access to the potential deriving from scientific and technological innovation.  PDF Download
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