Our commitment against the great paradoxes of our age


Our future also—and above all—depends on our ability to look the world and all its contradictions straight in the eye. And each of us, to the extent we are able, to combat these. For this reason, The European House – Ambrosetti, with its privileged perspective on the world around us, necessarily had to take a personal role in concrete projects that would make a contribution to the daily struggle for the society of tomorrow.

And it does this through its non-profit association DOT–Do One Thing.

Our commitment against the great paradoxes of our age

Our commitment against the great paradoxes of our age

Developing and motivating our colleagues and those who work with us is an absolute priority of The European House – Ambrosetti. At the same time, thanks to our Observatory which benefits daily from top-level input from the over 2000 experts around the world who each year take part in our activities, we find ourselves in a unique position to obtain first and better than many others an overview and full picture of the major changes affecting our world.
Within this context we have spotlighted a number of major paradoxes that characterize our era and we are fully committed to creating targeted, project-oriented initiatives that mobilize financial and human resources to aid the more vulnerable sectors of our society such as poorer families and, more generally, close these gaps in an era in which having and not having knowledge means having or not having a future.

While certainly not a complete list, the paradoxes we have identified are:

  1. Rich countries in debt and emerging countries rich in resources and “liquidity”
  2. Inequality of consumption
  3. People die not only from hunger, but also having too much food
  4. Food production for livestock and food production for man
  5. Agricultural production for biofuels and production for food products
  6. Subsidy system
  7. Rich countries with an increasingly elderly population and emerging countries with a young population
  8. Countries in economic difficulty and countries that increase their military spending
  9. Rich countries that become richer and poor countries that become poorer
  10. Digital Divide

In light of all this, we decided to create a non-profit association, DOT–Do One Thing, which in 2013 received official governmental recognition from the Lombardy Region.
The association is guided by a Committee comprised of 9 people of all ages and who have different positions within our company. The members of the Committee are:

  • Milena Schiavi
  • Marina Mira
  • Matteo Zaupa
  • Daniele Leoni
  • Roberta Braccio
  • Ines Lundra
  • Giulia Barillà
  • Alberto Castigliano
  • Diana d’Isanto
  • Monica Mantovani
  • Nicolò Dal Bo
  • Alice Pescetti
  • Filippo Malinverno
  • Chiara Piloni

Committee members remain in office for three years.

The European House – Ambrosetti finances the activities of DOT–Do One Thing and the association can also be supported in other ways

Mission of the DOT-Do One Thing association
In line with our core business and making use of our unique expertise, we support and develop solidarity initiatives aimed at reducing today’s great paradoxes and spreading education within a social context, as well as advancing the development of human capital through the spread of a managerial and corporate culture based on promoting merit, broad-based entrepreneurship and orientation towards innovation as the absolutely necessary foundation for both corporate and individual growth.
We want to contribute to creating and developing a “sustainable environment” through modifying our behavior, identifying different ways of working and purchasing, and searching for innovative solutions and ideas while at the same time pursuing goals to improve the ways and conditions under which we work and the quality of life of The European House – Ambrosetti community.


  • We want to support non-profit associations active in the social sphere by making available our unique expertise;
  • We want to contribute to promoting and supporting the growth of the younger generation through identifying initiatives that enhance their development and aid them in finding new opportunities;
  • We are committed to developing a managerial culture that promotes and develops human capital and draws inspiration from merit-based criteria;
  • We want to foster and promote orientation towards entrepreneurship and innovation;
  • We want to contribute to spreading respect for diversity—whether involving gender, culture or ethnic background—through the identification and development of initiatives with other organizations and institutions (associations, universities, schools, etc.) active in these areas;
  • We want to contribute to building a sustainable environment by identifying solutions and ways of working that minimize environmental impact;
  • We are committed to identifying solutions that can improve efficiency and quality of life in the workplace in order to reorient resources to activities and initiatives with greater added value.

Some of our projects

Earthquake in Central Italy: agreement between Gran Sasso Science Institute and DOT 
In the wake of the earthquakes that have struck Central Italy in recent months, The European House – Ambrosetti, through the association DOT (Do One Thing), has committed itself to financing a three-year, 60,000 euro grant for a study entitled “Resilience after an earthquake: the case of Central Italy”, a seismographic research project as part of a research doctorate in “Urban Studies and Regional Science”, during the 2016/2017 academic year of the GSSI.
Read the news: http://www.ambrosetti.eu/en/whats-hot-en/earthquake-agreement-gran-sasso-science-institute-and-dot/

Creative ideas for entrepreneurial innovation
The first year of collaboration between the DOT – Do One Thing association of The European House – Ambrosetti and the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research came to a close with the awarding of two entrepreneurial innovation projects presented by two secondary schools: Grhappy Apple and I-food.
Read the news: http://www.ambrosetti.eu/en/whats-hot-en/creative-ideas-for-entrepreneurial-innovation/

Competition launched by the DOT – Do One Thing association of The European House – Ambrosetti in collaboration with MIUR for all secondary schools in Lombardy and Apulia, which will be able to present entrepreneurial projects and ideas as innovative and creative solutions to relaunch social and cultural development in their local areas.
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Here are the steps

  • From February to April, The European House – Ambrosetti partners presented the project in secondary schools in Lombardy and Apulia.
  • Within the deadline date of May 15, 2016, students may present their projects.
  • By the end of June 2016, all projects will be gathered and the evaluation phase by a joint committee of The European House – Ambrosetti and MIUR will begin to name the winning project in Apulia and Lombardy.

Social initiative in support of young entrepreneurs
During the second edition of South Africa-Italy Summit  a social initiative in support of young entrepreneurs has been presented. The initiative is supported by the partners and participants of South Africa-Italy Summit through mentoring young entrepreneurs in sub-Saharan Africa. It is a common platform between Italy and South Africa to launch and include the work of young African entrepreneurs in both markets. The proposal is the result of the collaboration between the Mara Foundation and the National Youth Development Agency. “It is an initiative that has been adopted by The European House-Ambrosetti. The mentorship program,” as Neo Masombuka, Partner in Grown Consulting explained, “will initially target seven young entrepreneurs who will receive training over the next six months from some of the leaders who participated in the Summit.” At this moment, 21 Summit Members decided to endorse this initiative as mentors.

Raoul Follereau Hospital – Guinea Bissau
Thanks to the contribution of a number of consultants from The European House – Ambrosetti, the DOT association created a long-term business plan for the Raoul Follereau Hospital in Bissau to facilitate fund-raising initiatives with major international institutions.
The hospital is a point-of-excellence and -reference, including from a managerial standpoint, for Western Africa in the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis and it represents a replicable model to be expanded to other contexts.
Financing was also provided for the pediatric ward project at the Raoul Follerau Hospital in Bissau. Its goal is to improve care standards for pediatric patients and provide health care instruction for the mothers of the young patients.
This project has made it possible to upgrade virtually the entire pediatric ward and the school for young patients, including equipment to teach the children computer skills.
The hospital in which the project was created is the best in the country and is run according to European standards..

“LAST CALL to Europe 2020” International Conference
On June 19, 2015, to coincide with EXPO Milano 2015, the Fondazione Sodalitas organized an international conference to provide a status report on the reaching of the “New goals for sustainable growth” as defined by the EU, goals which will impact on the quality of life and employment opportunities for millions of young Italians and Europeans from now to the year 2020. Taking part in the event, one of the most successful events during EXPO 2015, were more than 700 people from around the world.
Through the direct involvement, on a voluntary basis, of The European House – Ambrosetti employees, the DOT Association provided support to Sodalitas in the organization and strategic coordination of the conference, with the goal of fostering debate on corporate social responsibility and commitment. Thanks to our contribution, the event featured the presence of leading international experts and CEOs who took part in a debate that was also based on information we have developed.

“Pane, Amore e Fantasia” Project
For this project, The European House – Ambrosetti employees decided to make available the years of experience gleaned as part of the Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition project.
The DOT association provided both resources and financing for the “Pane, amore e fantasia” project whose goal is to intervene on the dietary and motor factors behind obesity and overweight in children while also involving their families to promote good habits.

Partnership: Dynamo Camp and Banco Alimentare
Through the DOT association, The European House – Ambrosetti has created a partnership with Dynamo Camp and the Banco Alimentare food bank.
Dynamo Camp works with leading hospitals in Italy and numerous associations and hosts, free of charge, young people between the ages of 7 and 17 who are seriously ill, creating for them an experience that is cheerful and relaxing, a welcome break from their daily lives.
The Banco Alimentare food bank collects excess food and redistributes it free-of-charge to associations and other charitable organizations.

Entrepreneurial Project to mark our 50th anniversary
In 2015 The European House – Ambrosetti celebrated its first 50 years of activity. To mark this important event, we wish to make available our expertise, activities and networks in support of a theme of which Italy, and Europe in general, are in desperate need: entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship—of all types and on all levels—represents the most potent impetus for economic growth. Without entrepreneurs, there is no growth. Without growth there are no jobs and without jobs there is no future.
The European House – Ambrosetti, which has been working shoulder-to-shoulder with businessmen for fifty years now to help them grow, has created a study and a series of other related initiatives on this question. Our company is actively promoting the relaunching of the desire to “do business” and our goal is to stimulate the younger generation to assume a more proactive approach and convince them not to be afraid of translating their ideas into new business activity.
Through the DOT association, we are proud and pleased to be working with the Italian Ministry of Education and Research (MIUR) so that this message for the future is launched to young graduates of all Italian secondary schools. During the 2015-2016 school year, DOT and MIUR will be promoting a project aimed at stimulating and supporting collaboration between schools, Universities, research bodies and Italian business. We believe strongly that it is only through synergic initiatives that a series of effective actions can be implemented to free up Italy’s entrepreneurial and innovative potential.

We Feed The Planet
This is a project tied to the theme of dietary education, EXPO 2105 and our South Africa project. It is an event dedicated to the future of food and our planet organized by the Slow Food Youth Network which, from October 3-6, 2015, intends bringing to Milan thousands of food artisans under the age of 40 from around the world. Slow Food and Slow Food Youth Network are launching a major challenge. They want to bring to the stage of EXPO 2015 those who, more than any other, deserve to be there: the farmers who put their commitment, their labor and their hearts and souls into food. Because there is no one better than they to talk about how to feed our plant and take on this task in the years to come. With the contribution of DOT, five small-scale producers from South Africa will be able to take part in the event.

In-house projects

  • No More Plastic Bottles. DOT has achieved this goal through the installation of filtered water coolers, thus eliminating the supply of water in plastic bottles
  • Plastic Cap Collection. Plastic bottles have been eliminated in the office, but many still use them at home. Detergents, soft drinks, bottles of all sorts: plastic caps can be recycled and become tangible prospects for research. In Lombardy, in 2013, in conjunction with the Niguarda Hospital, 160 tons were collected worth €22,400 net of costs.
  • A healthy snack. Every Wednesday in The European House – Ambrosetti offices, organic fruit is offered free-of-charge thanks to the collaboration of BIO in casa!.
  • E-VAI car sharing. E-VAI is a new solution to ecological car-sharing using electric or low environmental impact cars. An alternative to private cars, taxis or buses for getting around inside and outside the city.
  • Electrical material collection. The Afriaca association gathers and recycles high-tech and old electronic materials, including those that no longer work (computers, keyboards, mouses, cell phones and calculators). They are then used to train young experts and to self-finance the school adoption program the association has promoted for years.
  • Telethon. Through the DOT association, The European House – Ambrosetti mobilizes and involves its entire team to regularly support Telethon activities for the treatment of genetic diseases by making its offices available for the sale of products to raise funds for the initiative and by creating a temporary shop.
  • Rare Partners. Rare Partners is the non-profit company founded by Alessandro Sidoli dedicated to the development of new treatments and diagnostic equipment for rare diseases. The DOT association took part in the Charity Program, the large-scale charity project created and supported by the Milan Marathon which allowed all runners to run for a non-profit organization to allow that organization to raise funds for its projects, thus turning their love of running into concrete support for others. Per maggiori informazioni: www.rarepartners.org.

How you can help

Become a member
Become a member by making a minimum annual contribution of €50: IBAN IT41-H-05034-56841-000000003436 (but there are no limits to how much you can contribute!)
You will receive a custom DOT t-shirt.

5×1000 devolution on your tax return
Support the DOT – Do One Thing association through the 5X1000 devolution on your tax return. A simple gesture that costs you nothing but which certainly helps in providing support to our association.
The tax code to include on your tax return or to give your tax preparer is CF 97646130159.

In the year 2020 the voluntary tax donation (5x1,000) was receveid: in the amount of €4,446.21 collected on July, 30 2020 for fiscal year 2018; in the amount of €5,399.47 collected on October, 6 2020 for fiscal year 2019.
Your voluntary tax donation (5x1,000) for fiscal year 2017 in the amount of €4,584.38 was received on August, 7 2019 and has been allocated as indicated in statement. Read the document. 
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Volunteer work
Support the association by contributing ideas and projects!
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