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 March 2023 

The European House - Ambrosetti's Roadshow towards the second edition of "Verso Sud"

Bari, March 17, 2023

After the success of the 2022 edition of the Forum "Towards the South: The European strategy for a new geopolitical, economic and socio-cultural season of the Mediterranean", today the city of Bari (Apulia) hosted the second stage of the Roadshow by The European House - Ambrosetti that will lead to the next edition of the Forum (to be held on May 19 and 20, 2023 in Sorrento). In the presence of the President of the Apulia Region, Michele Emiliano, we outlined the Region's socio-economic development scenario, highlighting strengths and weaknesses, in order to define the direction to take for the growth of the Region, as a lever for the development of its territory as well as of Italy.

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The first Observatory on integrated corporate security

Milan, March 8, 2023

Aipsa, the Italian Association of Business Security Professionals, and The European House - Ambrosetti will carry out a periodic monitoring on the evolutions of the factors of instability for large companies and SMEs through the new Observatory on Integrated Corporate Security. Today's businesses are concerned about cybercriminality - which has had a surge in Italy since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine - but also about natural disasters and extreme weather events.

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 February 2023 

Digital Twin: a systemic implementation drives innovation and increases industrial productivity with lesser environmental costs

Milan, February 10, 2023

Atos Italy and The European House - Ambrosetti presented the study “Digital Twins for the Twin Transitions”. According to the model, the Digital Twin may contribute to the growth of Italy's GDP (+12 billion euros) and the increase of productivity in the manufacturing sector (+4.5%), with significant impacts on CO2 emissions (-73%, about 30,4 million tons) and energy costs (between 15.9% and 33.1%).

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Italians think that they are sustainable but only 29% drinks tap water

Milan, February 9, 2023

Italy's mains water has the greatest standards of quality among the main European countries, but citizens are skeptical, especially in the South. However, the younger generations are the most used to drinking tap water. On February 9, 2023, we anticipated some data from the fourth edition of the White Book "Value of Water for Italy", prepared by the Value of Water for Italy Community of The European House - Ambrosetti.

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 January 2023