08 July 2022

Italy and France: industrial perspectives in Europe

On July 7, 2022 it was held the third meeting of the fifth edition of the Italy-France Dialogues, an initiative promoted by the Universities LUISS (Rome) and Sciences Po (Paris), with the contribution of  The European House - Ambrosetti.

The meeting was dedicated to the topic “Italy and France: industrial perspectives in Europe. The viewpoint of Italians and French”, and was hosted by Edison's Milan headquarters, It was an opportunity to discuss, in a confidential and open manner, today's primary issues related to business and economy, and the future of Europe and its younger generations.

During the event, it was also presented a study carried out by Ipsos, under the supervision of Marc Lazar and with Edison's contribution: "Two countries in the mirror: France-Italy relations and industrial perspectives. The viewpoint of citizens". Among the results, it was noted that the major concern for Italian citizens is energy, whereas for the French it is the management of migration flows.

The Italy-French Dialogues initiative was mentioned as an helpful tool in the Treaty of the President of the Republic "for bilateral cooperation" that was ratified by the Senate a few days ago. 

Browse the results of the survey (in Italian)

Browse the results in French (Deux Pays en miroir: France-Italie, relations et perspectives industrielles: le point de vue des citoyens)

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