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With Private Labels, 2.1 billion of savings

A discount of €100 per family in 2021, thanks to Private Label products. On the occasion of the opening conference of the Marca 2022 fair, it will be presented the conjoint study by The European House - Ambrosetti, ADM, and Ipsos on the relationship between consumers and private label products.

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A new gateway for Europe

In the vision of The European House - Ambrosetti, Gioia Tauro sets an example of excellence for the harbour system in the South Italy, and demonstrates that it can be attractive, if accompanied by concrete infrastructural participations that favour the transit of goods and people, and the installation of new productive activities.

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Water management, the gap between North and South Italy

How’s Italy country doing with water management? A new study tells of an Italy with a clear division: North on one side, South on the other. Almost 400 thousand inhabitants of the South and the Islands are living in a condition of a serious underdevelopment. The European House - Ambrosetti is shedding light on this issue with its Community, Value of Water for Italy.

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The "Open" paradigm is the future of finance

Finance must become an ecosystem dedicated to innovation. This is the outcome of the latest research, presented on April 2 at Cernobbio, by The European House - Ambrosetti, Fabrick and illimity. It gives an overview on the transition towards the paradigms of Open Banking and Open Finance.

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The seeds of recovery endangered by the Russia-Ukraine war

The Russian declaration of war has reversed the optimistic outlook for 2022: this emerges from the latest measurement of the Ambrosetti Club Economic Indicator, the periodic sentiment survey released in the Ambrosetti Club business community. There are prospective negative impacts on energy supply and manufacturing chains in Italy.  

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NRRP is kicking off, here is how

In Italy, we are entering the grounding phase of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP), after the first six months in which we worked on the "preconditions" and the rules. We should not forget that this is an unprecedented and potentially unparalleled effort in Europe.

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NRRP, too much bureaucracy

Bureaucracy poses the risk of jeopardising the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP). Contractors and mayors of the Varese Province, in the North of Italy, make common cause on this issue.

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NRRP, how to use these funds efficiently

In the last twenty years, the economic growth of Basilicata has been markedly lower than the rest of Italy. Between 2014 and 2019, excluding the performance of oil and automotive, the added value remains below pre-crisis levels. It results from the study conducted by Basilicata Think Tank, the initiative of  The European House - Ambrosetti and Total that looks at NRRP and Regional Strategic Plan as an opportunity for the Region.

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A new role for specialized retail

Outlining the context and key features of an industrial sector is the first step in identifying its characteristics, needs and perspectives. This is the goal of the Retail Community 5.0 of The European House - Ambrosetti, which held its first meeting in Rome.

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