The Sicilian Region is committed to supporting the relaunch and growth of its production system through the definition of an Industrial Plan that:

  • specifies actions and tools for supporting, transforming, and developing the industrial sector more consistently with Sicily's territorial "vocations"
  • valorizes the strategic choices that have been made in the last fiev years, for instance the Special Economic Zones (ZES), Productive Districts, Areas of Crisis and Industrial Development, the Regional Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialization, etc.
  • retains and increases industrial investments, which have to be consistent with the specializations and "vocations" of the island but also with the Sustainable Development Goals and innovation oblectives as defined at European and national level (programme 2021-2027 , NRRP, etc.)

The Regional Institute for the Development of Productive Activities (IRSAP) has entrusted the drafting of the Regional Industrial Plan to The European House - Ambrosetti, in consideration of its experience in the construction of strategic scenarios and in the design of territorial development plans, especially in the Sicilian territory (an example is the Strategic Plan for the Metropolitan City of Catania), through the division Scenario Sud, which, since 2017, has been supporting institutions, businesses and civil society in analysing and understanding the geopolitical and socio-economic evolution of Southern Italy and also in designing sustainable development strategies, to support the competitiveness and attractiveness of the Regions of Southern Italy.

The first steps towards the Plan

At the beginning of July 2022, we held the first plenary meeting of the Table in a hybrid format (in Palermo, close to IRSAP's headquarters, and in videoconference). The participants shared views and opinions to lay the foundations of the Industrial Plan for the Sicilian Region ("Sicilian Industry 2030"). The Sicilian Region was represented by some of its main social and economic actors: the Regional Councillor for Productive Activities, Girolamo Turano, the General Manager of the Department of Productive Activities, Carmelo Frittitta, IRSAP's Commissioner, Giovanni Perino, and IRSAP's General Manager, Gaetano Collura. The aim was collecting suggestions and comments from the Sicilian managerial and entrepreneurial category, so as to provide a context for the Industrial Plan for the Sicilian Region and base it on the needs of local stakeholders. The ideas that emerged during the discussion will be examined in depth and taken into account for the drafting of the Plan, which will be published by September 2022.

For further information

In case of questions or requests of collaboration, you may get in touch with Mr. Pio Parma, The European House - Ambrosetti


tel. +39 02 46753 361 295