The project aims to support the Puglia Region in a structured path of positioning - with the business community and the most relevant economic actors - as an attractive and competitive territory for the establishment of businesses, people and capital, through a path of:

  • Construction, analysis and interpretation of a set of indicators for regional attractiveness summarized in a strategic monitoring dashboard inspired by the methodology of the Global Attractiveness Index of The European House - Ambrosetti
  • Promotion and visibility of the positioning of the Puglia Region and its production system with the business community and the national education and research system  

The analysis of the attractiveness of the Puglia region will be presented in a Round Table. The meeting, dedicated to a small number of companies, will be held behind closed doors on Tuesday, July 11, 2023, from 9.30 to 13.30, in Bari at the headquarters of the Puglia Region. Before the meeting, two parallel focus groups will be held behind closed doors on the topics "Finance for corporations" and "Logistics and connectivity", wihch will offer insights to the following plenary session, dedicated to presenting the assets and investment opportunities in Puglia.

The Round Table will be participated by:

  • Gianna Elisa Berlingerio, Director Dipartimento Sviluppo Economico, Puglia Region
  • Antonio De Vito, General Director Puglia Sviluppo
  • Alessandro Delli Noci, Councillor for Economic Development, Puglia Region
  • Michele Emiliano, President Puglia Region
  • Valerio De Molli, CEO and Managing Partner of The European House - Ambrosetti.

It will be moderated by Cetti Lauteta, Head of the Scenario Sud of The European House - Ambrosetti.

For further information:
Roberta Braccio
phone +39 02 46753 322