2024 Technology Forum

The European House - Ambrosetti's main event on innovation and latest technologies.

The 13th Technology Forum was held on May 30-31, 2024, at the Grand Hotel Des Iles Borromées at Stresa (Piedmont, Italy).



The 13th edition of the Technology Forum by TEHA's InnoTech Hub was centered on the major challenges for the European innovation ecosystems, with thematic panels on industrial verticals and Tech Talks with representatives of the sector and leaders of innovative companies.

Among the discussion topics:

  • European Innovation Ecosystems
  • Digital Twin Society
  • New Materials
  • Technology for Sustainability
  • AI and Robotics for Manufacturing
  • CTOs Digital Agenda

Meet DoroTEHA

Artificial Intelligence was one of the key topics of the 13th Technology Forum, which for the occasion presented to the public DoroTEHA, our first AI-generated consultant. Her contribution was essential to introduce the thematic sessions during the two-day Forum and present the preliminary data of a study on cybersecurity, conducted with AIPSA - Italian Association of Security Professionals. At the end of the event, AnTEHA, her "digital twin", was also presented and greeted guests in French, inviting them to the next edition: May 8 and 9, 2025.


For further information, get in touch with the InnoTech Hub:


+39 02 46753 705

The first day of the 2024 Technology Forum ended with the "Technology Forum Award for Innovation". Seven startups partook in a pitch session to present their business to the audience, which voted the one with the most positive impact on society.

Fashiontech - Rachele Didero, Co-founder and CEO, Cap_able
A fashion design studio that develops products at the intersection of ethics and technology, such as garments capable of preventing facial identification. 
Legaltech - Paolo FoisCo-founder and CEO, Lexroom.ai
An advanced software based on artificial intelligence, designed to accelerate and improve legal research. 
Cybersecurity - Andrea Giannuzzi, CEO, AIDAMASK
A security middleware that can provide with an additional layer of security to any generative AI application. 
Cosmetics - Elena Setaro, Co-founder and CEO, Dermaself
Tailor-made acne therapies, created through artificial intelligence and the support of dermatologists 
Generative AI - Massimiliano Squillace, Founder and CEO, Contents.com
A Generative AI-driven platform designed to streamline content creation processes and craft personalised and high-performing content. 
Generative AI - Giovanni Tardini, Founder and CEO, Symboolic
Creation of AI products that make a company’s internal knowledge more accessible and exploitable. 
Cleantech - Nicolas Lorenzo Zeoli, Co-founder and CEO, Ganiga Innovation
Revolutionizing waste management through AI for a more sustainable and clean future. 

The winner was announced during the Gala Dinner: Rachele Didero, Co-founder and CEO, Cap_able.

Later that night, the guests could visit a very peculiar art exhibition: "GenAIssance: The Age of Limitless Creation" by Christian Kondić offered a unique and provocative perspective on the complex intertwining of technology, humanity, and nature.

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