The European House – Ambrosetti has launched the "COVID-19 Weekly Focus" newsletter, a special edition of the international publication “The Magazine”, that will be published every Friday until the end of the pandemic emergency.

The aim of this newsletter is to provide The European House - Ambrosetti's international clients and partners with a complete, clear and precise picture of the pandemic evolution around the world, trying to catalyse all the available information and numbers and create a single "collection point".

The "Covid-19 Weekly Focus" reports on trends in cases, deaths, and vaccination campaigns in the countries in which The European House - Ambrosetti operates through Summits and Think Tanks and strategic partnerships: United States, Canada, European Union and its major countries, United Kingdom, China, India, Russia, Iran, South Africa, ASEAN countries, and selected Eurasian countries (Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan).

These countries together are worth 74.5% of the world’s GDP and 60.4% of world’s population in 2020, thus making the case for an excellent representation of how the spread of the pandemic is developing around the world and what are the possible consequences for the macroeconomic and business system as a whole.