Basilicata Think Tank

A strategic and competition-oriented initiative designed to concretely develop a vision for the future of the Basilicata Region, in the South of Italy, that is centered on new trajectories and development drivers by actively involving leaders of business and government and society at-large. The third annual Forum was held on February 25, 2022 in Matera.

The goal

The Think Tank's ultimate goal is to center national and European attention once again on the most urgent challenges in promoting the Region of Basilicata, as well as the opportunities and strategic competencies around which the region, together with other regions of the South of Italy, could decide to make the focus of their attractiveness and competitiveness.

In 2019, the first edition of the initiative outlined the vision "Basilicata: energies for a sustainable future" to project Basilicata towards a trajectory that will lead it to establish itself among the most sustainable and resilient regions in Italy and in Europe, first of all enhancing three strengths of the territory:

  • the presence of capital-intensive businesses
  • the presence of an extended agrifood supply chain
  • the contribution of the arts and culture sector and tourism.

As part of the second Basilicata Think Tank, the "Power2Innovate" Call for Ideas has been created, an initiative to promote startups and aspiring entrepreneurs under 40, who have innovative ideas, in order to:

  • Support the development of business activities in synergy with the Regional Strategy for the Environment and Energy in four areas: Circular Economy, Renewables, Hydrogen and Water Resources
  • Stimulate the implementation of innovative and sustainable solutions for the Basilicata Region
  • Promote a widespread culture of innovation and promote entrepreneurship

From Think Tank to Act Tank

In 2020, the Think Tank evolved into an “Act” Tank with the goal of transitioning from proposals to action and providing concrete answers to local strategic needs.

Activity during 2021 will involve a series of physical and/or digital meetings with local organizations and players to understand their needs and provide support in the concrete realization of projects aimed at the economic and social development of the area.

The initiative is privileged to have the contribution of a high-level Scientific Committee comprised of:

  • Patrizia Lombardi (Vice Rector for Campus and Sustainable Communities, Coordinator of the Green Team, Polytechnic of Turin);
  • Azzurra Rinaldi (Head of the School of Gender Economics Senior Researcher and Prof. of Economics, Economics of Emerging Countries, Tourism Economics Head of the Degree Course in Tourism Economics, University of Rome Unitelma Sapienza);
  • Gianni Riotta (Executive Vice President, Council for the United States and Italy; Pirelli Visiting Professor, Princeton University; Permanent Member, Council on Foreign Relations; Columnist, La Stampa);
  • Giorgio Ventre (Professor of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies, University of Naples Federico II; Director, Apple Academy).