Merger and Acquisitions (K Finance)

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K Finance assists businessmen in selling and acquisition operations by searching for buyers or target companies in Italy and abroad. It guarantees assistance from the signing of the mandate to the closing of the deal, managing all parties involved in the various phases of the process, with special attention to the negotiation phase and it can realize complex operations.

Merger and Acquisitions

K Finance is one of the best-known and respected independent financial consulting firms in Italy. Founded in 1999, since its inception it has focused activity around mergers & acquisitions and special financing for small- and medium-sized companies.

K Finance, in which The European House – Ambrosetti is a shareholder, makes available to its clients an organization with vast experience in transactions and negotiations on both a national and international level, competence in a range of industrial sectors and cross-border coverage through the Clairfield International partnership, of which it is the founding partner.

K Finance offers the following services:

  • sales and acquisitions;
  • private equity transactions;
  • financial strategic planning;
  • corporate profiling;
  • structured finance operations;
  • listing on the stock exchange.

Silvio Curioni

Silvio Curioni

Partner K Finance – Head of Operations

Tel.  +39 02 7639 4888