02 September 2022

The economic outlook: dealing with uncertainty

As usual, during the Cernobbio Forum we asked the audience to answer a few questions on current affairs and relevant topics.

In comparison with their competitors, 65% of respondents are having a significantly better performance than the one from 2020. More specifically, the turnover change is about 10% for more than half of them, while two years ago, in the midst of the lockdown, it was entirely negative.

Employment levels are also positive, with about 60% of companies that will have a personnel increase. Moreover, a third of them will invest up to 10% more than the past three years, and another third may invest up to 20%.

This positive trend is however threatened by the increase in energy prices, which will generate a significant impact on business according to 39% of respondents, and a severe or very severe impact for 37%. The expectation of a risk of widespread price increases is quite high, with a value of 7 on 10 for 30% of them, while 21% are already at high alert.

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Electronic Poll 1: The economic outlook: dealing with uncertainty