22 April 2022

The European House - Ambrosetti among the donors of the UNIPD 4 Afghanistan Project

We believe that we have the responsibility to promote and support women’s human and professional development, and in particular of those who are in situations of distress or danger, which make it difficult, if not impossible, to access to growth, study and work opportunities. 

As part of our initiatives for Women’s Empowerment, through our association Dot-Do One Thing, we responded to the appeal launched by the University of Padua with the initiative UNIPD 4 Afghanistan, offering a scholarship in favour of an Afghan girl, valid until the completion of a university study cycle (three years for a Bachelor’s Degree or two years for a Master’s Degree) from the academic year 2022/2023. We will also offer an internship to one of the candidates.

The University of Padua supports several initiatives for supporting refugees, asylum seekers and people fleeing their country. The UNIPD 4 Afghanistan project provides scholarships for international students with Afghan citizenship who are currently in danger. The initiative was announced during the 2021 autumn by the Rector, Daniela Mapelli, in commenting on the successful escape of the 17 Afghan students who had enrolled before the country came back into the hands of the Taliban.

«We have created 50 scholarships with a value of €12,000 each per year to allow other Afghans to study and start over. Another 50 will be provided thanks to the funds received from other institutions».*
* The amount foreseen for each grant is in line with the fee required by the Italian Representations abroad to international candidates to demonstrate their ability to support themselves in Italy.

The University has financed the first 50 scholarships with its own resources, for a total value of €1,800,000 for the years 2021/2024. Subsequently, it has kickstarted a fundraising campaign: as of today, there are more than 400 Donors - private individuals, and local, national or international public or private entities and institutions - that have so far contributed a total of €515,000 (February 3, 2022).

In the meantime, more than 100 applications have been received from Afghan citizens. The selection was based on previous academic achievements, language proficiency, and personal motivation. The students are all refugees and asylum seekers. Many came to Italy with the airlifts seen on television during the tragic days when the Taliban came to power, others sought refuge in Iran or Pakistan and are waiting to come to Italy via with their scholarship.

To learn how to join or support the Project, read the 2022/2023 scholarship announcement.

For further inquiries, visit the project’s website or write an e-mail to unipd4afghanistan@unipd.it