25 November 2022

Two red benches against violence on women

On the International Day for the elimination of violence against women (November 25, 2022), we decided to leave to Milan's community a tangible sign that could support the communication and information efforts on this issue.

We gathered volunteers across our departments and patiently coloured two public benches with red paint, one close to Lotto's neighbourhood and the other in Piazzale Arduino, in memory of all victims of violence.

On both benches we have attached a plaque stating the Italian emergency number for women who have suffered any form of violence or stalking, 1522.

This initiative took place in the presence of Fabio Galesi, Councillor for Green Public Works, Security, Home and State Property, Small Ordinary Maintenance, Relations with the Council and Staff of the City of Milan, and Paolo Romano, Councillor for Urban Mobility, Welfare and Health, Environment, Youth Policies Multizonal Pole

It was organised by our non profit association DOT - Do One Thing, which enables us to support and develop solidarity initiatives aimed at reducing today’s great paradoxes and spreading education within a social context, as well as advancing the development of human capital.

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