01 April 2022

World Economy and Investment Risks – electronic polls from the 2022 Finance Workshop

After analysing the results of the first two electronic polls of our 2022 Finance Workshop, we observed disagreeing answers to the question: «How severe is the impact of the Russia-Ukraine war?». For the majority of respondents, it is significant to a various degree, but 8.9% of the audience deems it to pose an irrelevant threat to their business activity.

As a matter of fact, the Russia-Ukraine war is only the second issue that is thought to have the potential to negatively affect the respondents’ businesses. At the first place, we find the dramatic increase in prices of raw materials, energy, and logistics.

The sanctions that the international community has imposed on Russia are considered adequate by 55.6% of respondents, while 30.2% think that they are not sufficient, and 6.4% instead responded that they are too severe.

Regarding currencies, most of them estimated that in the next months the exchange rate between the dollar and the euro will favour the dollar, the rest being evenly divided between an unchanged situation or an euro-friendly rate.

In comparison to the last three years’ investments, the great majority plans to increase investments in 2022 from 10% up to 20% or even more, firstly in Italy (47.5%), then in Europe (29.3%), and North America (15.2%).

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