In the first edition

  • We analysed the economic and social outlook of Sicily – within the context of the post COVID-19 period, the implementation of the NRRP and the new European programming cycle – and identified the strategic assets and areas to start from in order to produce a development vision
  • We defined a development agenda for Sicily, focused on attracting investments in strategic regional skills and launching projects that can catalyze economic resources and growth
  • We supported the medium-long term programming of regional Institutions, through the development of tools to measure and monitor the strategic goals linked to the vision and projects launched
  • We listened to and engaged stakeholders (at local and supra-local level) and national and international entities that are important for the region
  • We maximized the visibility and recognizability of the Region, facilitating the construction of a network of national and international relations
For the dissemination and implementation of the actions, we organised a regional Road Show in four steps:

1st Working Group: Palermo, Monday, September 20, 2021 – Presentation of the thematic blocks of the research and focus on Turism, Culture and Infrastructure

2nd Working Group: Gela, Friday, October 8, 2021 – Focus on Energy, Environment and the Circular Economy

3rd Working Group: Messina, Wednesday, December 1, 2021 – Focus on Training and Research

4th Working Group: Catania, Friday, March 10, 2022 – Focus on Agrifood and Agritech and the evolution of Distribution

Act Tank Sicilia Forum

The results of the work were presented in an International Forum in Palermo, on March 25, 2022 at Palazzo Belmonte Riso - Museo Regionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea: "Strategie e politiche per una Sicilia – al centro del Mediterraneo – aperta, attrattiva e connessa" (Strategies and policies for an open, attractive and connected Sicily, at the centre of the Mediterranean Region).

Documents from the Act Tank Sicilia Forum

Documents from the 1st Working Group: Tourism, Culture and Infrastructure - Palermo, September 20, 2021

Documents from the 2nd Working Group: Focus on Energy, Environment and Circular Economy - Gela, October 8, 2021

Documents from the 3rd Working Group: Innovation, Training and Research - Messina, December 1, 2021

Documents from the 4th Working Group: Agri-food chain and evolution of Distribution - Catania, March 10, 2022

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