The pandemic certainly represents a major challenge for the African continent and its economy, sometimes aggravating processes already under way in several countries. In addition to health issues, it is a question of contrasting the growth of inequalities and maintaining the high growth rates that have always characterised, with some differences, most African countries.

The great challenge of this crisis is not just to respond to the emergency, but to be able to look beyond it, designing the world of tomorrow from the outset.

In this context, Africa undoubtedly represents the future, but also the present: despite the crisis, Africa continues to be - and will be even more so in the coming years - the continent of opportunities in many industrial sectors, starting with energy, agro-industry, infrastructure and pharmaceuticals. To seize these opportunities, Italian and European companies will have to move with conviction, overcoming the competition of other very present players such as China, India and Turkey.

In order to contribute to the monitoring of the economic and health scenarios of the continent and to provide an analysis tool for our network of companies, every two months we publish our "Africa Observatory", an appointment with the most up-to-date data on the situation with particular focus on South Africa, a country in which we have been operating for many years.

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