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The Belt and Road Summit is a high-level platform designed for business leaders from Eurasia. By creating a close-knit community of business with mutual knowledge, personal feeling, and trust, we aim at catalyzing pluri-national business development in Eurasia, a heterogeneous region in terms of economic potential, business culture, policies and incentives.

The major outcome for the Partners and the participants is to get: Knowledge, Personal Feeling and Trust.

After two editions focused respectively on understanding what the Belt and Road is and what actions should be initiated to unleash its potential, the third edition increasingly focused on concrete business to business cooperation and industrial opportunities in the countries located along the maritime and land routes.

For more information:
➢ Mr. Matteo Polistina for Europe-based participants: – Tel. +39 02 46753.314
➢ Mr. Mattia Marino for China-based participants: – Tel. +86 185 21 40 7071