15 February 2022

Calabria: a new gateway to Europe

Monday, Marc 21, 2022 - Expo, Dubai

On March 21, 2022, The European House - Ambrosetti contributed to introducing investment opportunities in Calabria, at the Italian Pavilion of Expo Dubai 2020

Local areas (with their institutions and networks of businesses, associations and citizens) have always played a leading role in development. From this standpoint, a key element for success becomes not only the creation, but also the management and communication of all factors of structural competitive advantage in an area to attract organizations, people and capital. This aspiration is particularly important for Calabria which is being called upon to “unleash” its energy (entrepreneurial and economic, social, innovative and cultural) to resume a path of structural growth and take on a position of leadership in a number of areas connected with the nation’s development and, more generally, that of the Mediterranean.

Of these, the Maritime Economy and Port System are a distinctive asset of the region and also a sector that can act as a driving force in the development of other strategic supply chains in the area (for example, agrifood). Among Mediterranean ports, Gioia Tauro is the most important in terms of infrastructure and size, strategic position and efficiency. Specifically, it is the largest transhipment terminal in Italy and is becoming one of the most important container traffic hubs in the Mediterranean basin. More generally, Gioia Tauro offers a unique infrastructure setup, both in terms of port/canal and storeyard size, allowing for the promotion and management of ship/rail and rail/road intermodal traffic. Because of its characteristics and thanks to investments made over the last 4-5 years and those planned in the NRRP, the port of Gioia Tauro is one of the cornerstones of Calabria’s economic development and, around it, a new national strategy of industrial and technological leadership is being planned that will benefit the entire country.

The event, organized to take place at The Italy Pavilion at Expo Dubai 2020 on March 21, 2022, is dedicated to discovering the investment opportunities in Calabria—a veritable platform for national and international discussion, meetings and exchanging of experiences among government and institutions, business leaders and experts.

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Presentation by Giuseppe Merenda - Italian Trade Agency

Presentation by Cetti Lauteta - The European House - Ambrosetti

Presentation by Carolien Vat - PortXL

Presentation by Mateusz Rykala - Katowicka SSE