25 August 2021

Valerio De Molli
G20 Business Advisory Board on Women's Empowerment: the Manifesto

In 2021, a Business Advisory Board coordinated by Ambrosetti Club identified the primary obstacles hindering women’s empowerment in G20 countries. From this common effort resulted a Manifesto, signed by the Advisory Board's members, which sets forth 10 guiding principles to promote women’s empowerment:

  1. No vision, no future: defining a 360° vision towards the achievement of women’s empowerment by designing a long-term Strategic Plan to make a high-impact, permanent move towards the achievement of gender equality
  2. Without data equality there can be no gender equality: improving private and public data collection and reporting on gender equality, measuring impacts and monitoring progresses to remove data gaps and the lack of gender analysis
  3. Overcoming gender stereotypes: encouraging a cultural change by promoting new male and female role models which go beyond persistent gender stereotypes affecting both men and women within societies and in the workplace, also through the media
  4. If you can imagine it, it becomes possible: changing the perception of the role of women in the economy and in society starting from education in primary school and by promoting an inclusive and gender-neutral language, to modify traditional gender stereotypes
  5. Education is paramount: removing the obstacles preventing equal access to education and life-long training to all women and taking initiative to promote economic and financial literacy and raise participation in STEEM subjects, in conjunction with the private sector
  6. Walking side by side: introducing aspirational targets for female representation in politics, defining a minimum man/woman ratio in hiring policies and improving women’s participation in C-level positions to increase female representation in the public and private sphere
  7. Investing in future generations: introducing initiatives to support and manage parenthood and to rebalance caregiving activities between men and women for future generations
  8. Access to capital is key to ensure women’s independence: implementing specific public funding programs with preferential access for women and designing financial instruments to improve female entrepreneurship and equal access to capital, thus fostering women’s financial independence 
  9. Fair wage has no gender: closing the gender pay gap by promoting transparency within the private sector and by setting a national strategy with aspirational targets to be reached and clear actions to be undertaken 
  10. Zero-tolerance against violence: promoting a zero-violence culture by defining a long-term Plan to prevent gender-based violence and to support private companies in the introduction of initiatives to detect and combat violence and offer support to the victims 


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