Major international projects organized in recent years

An event as a means for you and your public to get to know each other. An event to create brand identity, to strengthen relations between market players, to build your team or celebrate what you have achieved. Whatever you are looking for, The European House – Ambrosetti works alongside companies in the planning and logistical planning of their special events.

Past events
“Market Leaders and Scenarios for the 21st Century” Forum – 2000 to the present

This Forum, organized for Confcommercio, is a yearly event for top leaders in the service economy and business community in general, and has become an important opportunity for debating at a high level those issues of interest not only to this sector, but society as a whole.

Forum Confcommercio – Past speakers

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International Forum on Agriculture and Food – Coldiretti – 2001 to the present

The Forum is the annual event for the agrifood sector that brings together for over fifteen years top experts and exponents from the world of academia and representatives of national and international institutions. Its aim is to discuss and examine in-depth the full range of issues directly or indirectly linked to agriculture and agribusiness.

Coldiretti website – dedicated page

Forum Coldiretti - 2016 20161014_165317 Forum Coldiretti - 2016

Fighting Counterfeiting and Promoting Food Security – 2015

This was the topic that was at the heart of the closing event for Expo Milano 2015, which took place in October 2015 in the Auditorium of the Italian Pavilion at Expo.

During the meeting, the President of the Lombardy region Roberto Maroni presented an Action Plan drawn up in collaboration with The European House – Ambrosetti and based on the principles of the Milan Charter, with the goal of identifying concrete lines of action to promote a concerted fight against food counterfeiting and “Italian sounding” products.

The Ambrosetti Forum at EXPO with the Lombardy Region

International Made in Italy Forum – 2014

Promoted by the Italian Embassy in Monaco and organized with the official backing of the Italian Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Economic Development, and Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, and the support of the government of Monaco, the event was held at the Grimaldi Forum in the Principality of Monaco. Its multi-faceted goal was to capitalize on Italy’s best business organizations, repositories of the values of quality and creativity on the international scene, renew the concept of Made in Italy by projecting it internationally, and promote the country and its economy to encourage economic development and growth.

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Universal Credit Rating Group (UCRG) Forum, Hong Kong – 2013

The European House – Ambrosetti, present in China for over 15 years with offices in Shanghai and Beijing, organized the ceremony to launch the Universal Credit Rating Group (UCRG), one of the world’s most important independent rating agencies whose aim is to create a new international system for evaluating credit and providing and sharing rating information in order to foster economic development globally.

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Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition International Forum – 2009-2012

The forum is the highlight annual event of the Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition (BCFN), think tank created in 2009 with the contribution of The European House – Ambrosetti with the goal of analyzing and debating global issues connected to food as an element correlated to the lives of individuals and the health of our planet. Multidisciplinary by nature from its inception, the forum has provided an opportunity for exchanging ideas on the state of food, social, cultural and economic research.

Forum BCFN Forum BCFN

World Foresight Forum  2011

The six-day event, held in the Hague, had the ambitious goal of placing the Dutch capital at the center of the international debate on “security, peace and justice for sustainable global growth”. It was attended by some of the world’s most authoritative experts, inspiring leaders, academics, decision-makers and corporate managers. The project was promoted by the Hague Centre for Strategic Studies (a young, independent think tank) and some major Dutch corporations. It received the strong support of the municipality of the Hague and that of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.

World Foresight Forum Flyer

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Florens 2010 – International Forum on Cultural and Environmental Heritage – 2010

After more than a year of work, the project, which was developed for the Florens Foundation, concluded with the publication of a study on “The Economy of Cultural and Environmental Heritage. A systematic and Integrated Vision”, that focused on Italy’s and Tuscany’s global positioning in the cultural and creative sector. The study was presented during the international forum held in Palazzo Vecchio (Florence) in November 2010. The three-day event was attended by over 500 people, with 80 speakers and the representatives of 33 countries.

es-florens18-20-11-10-077 Florens 2010

“Council for Relations Between Italy and the United States” Forum – 1991-2010

The Council, founded by Gianni Agnelli and David Rockefeller in order to optimize relations relations between the two countries, brings together the two countries’ most authoritative representatives of Italian and US business. The European House – Ambrosetti was the event organizer for 20 years.

p1000480 Consiglio per le relazioni fra Italia e Stati Uniti san-clemente-island-entrance-drone