HR Global Summit

The future of organizations and of the HR function

Tuesday, November 28, 2017
from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm (registration at 9:00 am)
Melià Milano Hotel (Via Masaccio, 19).

HR Global Summit 2017

HR Global Summit
“The future of organizations and of the HR function”

November 28, 2017

Global Chief HR Officers and world experts will address the Summit about the future of organizations and the HR function.

The following themes will be explored:

  • Guiding human resources in a disrupted world: how to help organizations improve productivity, agility and creativity;
  • Adhocracy: an organizational model founded on management of unexpected events, flexibility and task-based culture;
  • Motivation and self-motivation: drivers and barriers;
  • Stress and pressure: how to turn them into well-being and successful performance;
  • Talents: how to attract and motivate them;
  • Age at work: challenges and opportunities;
  • VAR and football: about disruptive changes.

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Lucy Adams
Former HR Director at the BBC, in this role she was responsible for training and development, in-house communications, resourcing, employee relations, organization design and change management. She was first the head of Human Resources of other Groups such as, for example, Eversheds LLP and Serco Plc. She is the author of “HR Disrupted” that provides concrete information and practical advice on how to innovate human resources management in our increasingly disrupted world.

Julian Birkinshaw
Julian Birkinshaw is Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship and Deputy Dean of the London Business School He is a member of: The British Academy – and was recently included in the 2017 list of the world’s Top 50 Management Thinkers. He has written fifteen books including “Fast/Forward”, “Becoming a Better Boss”, “Reinventing Management” as well as around a hundred articles for academic publications such as The Harvard Business Review and The Sloan Management Review. He is frequently quoted by international media such as CNN, the BBC, The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, Businessweek and The Times. He is regularly invited to business conferences in the UK, Europe, North America and Australia.

Marco Grazioli
President of The European House-Ambrosetti, and manager of the “Competitive Advantage Through People” unit. Hailing from a sociology background, he is an expert in processes of change and how to transform individual behavior into business results through organizational means and HR management. He teaches Decision-Making and Negotiation Processes at the Università Cattolica del S. Cuore in Milan.

Fiona Mullan
VP International at Facebook, where until 2016 she was Head of HR EMEA With 20 years experience in the sector, before joining Facebook she worked for Microsoft as Senior HR Director Asia Pacific, International Staffing Director and HR Director Ireland. Among the major skills she acquired are: Leadership Development, Talent Acquisition, Employee engagement strategies, change programs.

Alberto Ribera
Professor of Managing People in Organizations at the IESE Business School. He is the academic director of the Coaching Unit and teaches the Personality and Leadership MBA course which, in 2009, received the IESE Excellence Award. He also teaches the “Managing Oneself” course, part of the Global Executive MBA, and other executive courses on leadership, relationship management and executive coaching. He has been visiting professor at universities and business schools in over 20 countries, and guest speaker at numerous international conferences, including the World Economic Forum. He has taught courses in a number of companies, including Enel, Compagnia di San Paolo, Banco di Napoli, Telecom Italia, Saint Gobain, The Arab Contractors, Egypt, Telecom, BBVA, Banco de España, Enrst&Young, Hewlett Packard, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Previously, he worked for the World Health Organization and the European Commission.

Nicola Rizzoli
Head and Designator of the Referees Association of the Italian Serie A Football League. He made his first appearance in Serie A in April 2002. Nominated the best Italian referee for two consecutive years and best in the world in 2014, he refereed almost two hundred games in the top tier of Italian football and at an international level he took charge of the Europe League Final in 2010, the Champions League Final in 2013 and the World Cup Final in Brazil in 2015. In 2016 he received the “Giulio Campanati Prize”, having been judged the best match referee by UEFA at the European Championships in France in 2016. From 2011 to 2016 he was voted best Italian Footballers’ Association referee.

Giacinto Siciliano
Director of the Milano Opera penitentiary, he is especially focused on the issues of work in penitentiaries, prisoner treatment and observation, the handling of organized crime inmates, prevention of suicide risk, personnel training and, in recent years, the management and fostering of human resources in complex structures, the motivating of employees, learning, and organizational and cultural change.

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