The Act Tank Sicilia is the platform launched in 2021 by The European House - Ambrosetti with the aim of defining practical actions to boost the growth of the Region. The initiative sees the involvement of the Sicilian Region and a pool of private supporters, engaged through a series of meetings that are dedicated to the current challenges for the island and its businesses, and sets the ambition to contribute with planning for development.


  • Support the economic, social and cultural development of Sicily in the national and Euro-Mediterranean framework
  • Identify inputs, projects and actions to maximize Sicily's contribution to the country’s growth process
  • Enhance the role of the most important strategic regional supply chains, the academic system and young people in a new process of local and regional development

2nd edition

The 2023/2024 edition of the Act Tank Sicily addressed the issues of industrial development and environmental protection and enhancement, benefiting from the direct involvement of the Department of Productive Activities and the Department of Territory and Environment and in collaboration with AdSP Mare di Sicilia Occidentale.

On the occasion of the Think Tank's Forum, we presented the updateed regional monitoring dashboard, that measures the "state of health" of the regional economy, regarding metrics and strategic economic indicators of the territory, and illustrated the preview of the "Industry Sicily 2030" Plan.

2nd Act Tank Sicilia Forum

February 27, 2024 in Palermo, Marina Convention Center

The Forum gathered the stakeholders of Sicily and Southern Italy to activate a discussion on today's topical issues and build a common future for the Region.

The main topics of discussion:

  • Sicily in the Euro-Mediterranean framework
  • Sicily 2030 Industry
  • The dialogue among industry, training and research system
  • The combination of environmental protection - economic development
  • The green transition in Sicily

Documents from the Forum - Palermo, February 27, 2024

2nd Working Group: Industrial opportunities from the energey transition - Catania, November 13, 2024

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