2022 Food Forum | The European House - Ambrosetti

Under the aegis of The European House - Ambrosetti's Ambrosetti Club - the platform that brings together over 400 CEOs of Italian companies and multinationals operating in Italy - the Food&Beverage Community was created with the goal of studying and sharing key issues and experiences pertaining to companies in the agrifood supply chain.

About the Food&Beverage Community

The Community’s activity consists of a series of round tables and meetings that develop information, scenarios and documents, and which culminates in a forum in which observations about the sector and concrete proposals are shared with relevant policy makers.

6th Food&Beverage Forum

The 6th Forum will take place in Bormio, on Friday 17 and Saturday 18 June 2022 and will be an event of the highest level with round tables and stimulating meetings among the business leaders of the sector and the Institutions of reference, to reflect on the strategic role of the agri-food chain for the recovery of the country and underline the importance of these key elements: nutrition, health, sport, and sustainability of the supply chain.

During the event, we will present the 2021 Report realised by The European House - Ambrosetti, "The roadmap of the future for food & beverage: what evolutions and what challenges for the coming years". In addition, two new researches elaborated by The European House - Ambrosetti, in collaboration with some Partners, will also be presented: 

"Italian Sounding: what is it worth and what are the opportunities for Italian agri-food companies", which will define the value of Italian Sounding agribusiness in the world with an innovative methodology, quantify the negative externalities generated by the phenomenon for Italian companies, and submit some proposals for action for the Italian agri-food industry and the related institutions, with the aim of responding to the "desire for Italy" in the world (in collaboration with Assocamerestero).

"The challenge of sustainability for the Italian agri-food chain", which will take stock of the issues underlying a true sustainable transition of the Italian agri-food chain, starting from the need for widespread legality at all levels of the supply chain; it will explore the correct measurement of the phenomenon, the importance of food education, the contribution of technological evolution, and the stimulating role of finance (in collaboration with Coca Cola HBC, Schneider Electric, and Antares).

The press conference for the presentation of the 6th Food&Beverage Forum was held on April 28, 2022, at the Regione Lombardia's headquarters, Milan.