2023 Forum Food | The European House - Ambrosetti

The 2022-2023 edition of the Food&Beverage Community of Ambrosetti Club will end with the Forum "La Roadmap del futuro per il Food&Beverage: quali evoluzioni e quali sfide per i prossimi anni" ("The Roadmap for the future of F&B: evolution and future challenges"). We will have round tables and meaningful meetings with the sector's business leaders and the most relevant institutions, to discuss the strategic role of the agri-food chain in terms of resilience and competitiveness for Italy within a complex context.

We will comment on the scenario and changes that have been affecting Italy's Food&Beverage sector, also in view of the impacts of the Russia-Ukraine conflict (increased cost of energy and raw materials, decreased purchasing power of households, Italian Sounding, climate change, social and economic sustainability...).

The role of the agri-food sector in boosting Italy's competitiveness will be covered in terms of employment, Value Added, internationalisation, and Italian leadership, with a focus on some key aspects, such as nutrition, health, sports, and sustainability.

During the event, we will also present the updated versions of some studies that were published during the 2022 edition and new case studies.

About the Food&Beverage Community

The Community’s activity consists of a series of round tables and meetings that develop information, scenarios and documents, and which culminates in a forum in which observations about the sector and concrete proposals are shared with relevant policy makers.

Under the aegis of The European House - Ambrosetti's Ambrosetti Club - the platform that brings together over 400 CEOs of Italian companies and multinationals operating in Italy - the Food&Beverage Community was created with the goal of studying and sharing key issues and experiences pertaining to companies in the agrifood supply chain..

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