Our story

Proud of our Past. Propelled towards the future

Without entrepreneurs there is no growth and without growth there is no future. It is with this firm belief that for fifty years  The European House – Ambrosetti  has concentrated its expertise on fostering entrepreneurship. Since 1965 many things have changed, but not the principles behind our daily activity. And the future will continue to offer new challenges…

Our story

Our story

The European House – Ambrosetti S.p.A. consulting group was founded in 1965.
Key to The European House – Ambrosetti approach is its business model that integrates and fosters a broad range of competencies and expertise all under the same banner and branding. The prestige and status the firm enjoys today is the result of years of unflagging dedication, first of Ambrosetti himself and later the firm’s partners, initially working alongside him and then, starting in 1999, increasingly independently.
We know that a consulting group such as ours active in advanced tertiary services can only grow if it demonstrates the ability to attract the best talent possible, and if it is able to expand the partnership on the basis of the methods, costs and timeframes it develops, while guaranteeing the ability to continuously innovate its services and professional approaches.
International growth also represents another significant area of potential expansion.
At the beginning of 2001, Valerio De Molli and Giorgio Tonelli joined the group as minority shareholders, sharing with the group’s founder the birth of the firm’s second phase. Over the next ten years, the company was to demonstrate not only that it was capable of a new era of growth, but also be able to develop and function autonomously.
During that decade, two others joined as partners, Marco Grazioli and Paolo Borzatta, and together with Valerio De Molli and Giorgio Tonelli, they controlled 20% of the firm and contributed to significantly accelerating its process of growth.
At the end of 2008, in the midst of the most serious economic crisis in the post-war period, these four minority partners bought-out the company. The time was right to initiate a new phase in the company’s growth through increasing the number of partnerships, and today the company numbers 12 partners with offices throughout Italy and the world.
The European House – Ambrosetti is a professional consulting group offering know-how which is homogeneous and unique to create a top-notch team that for more than 50 years has worked alongside Italian companies in the areas of Management Consulting, Leader’s education and Research services and organizing Summit&Workshop&Forum.

50 years of The European House – Ambrosetti:
many faces behind a name


The challenges we face today…

In 2020 The European House-Ambrosetti celebrates its 55th anniversary, which once again offers us the opportunity to focus on the question of entrepreneurship, an impetus sorely need in both Italy and Europe as a whole.
In Italy, as in Spain, nearly one young person in two is without a job. A tremendous waste of brain-power and potential wealth that risks jeopardizing an entire generation in an era in which technology and globalization actually offer unprecedented opportunities. For example, over the last 25 years, a majority of new jobs in the private sector was created by companies founded no more than five years previously. Unfortunately, however, only 37% of people in Europe are willing to be self-employed, compared with 51% in the US and as high as 56% in China. The lack of entrepreneurial drive risks creating a schism in Europe’s growth and economic prosperity.

…and those for the future

Without entrepreneurs, there is no growth. Without growth there are no jobs and without jobs there is no future. Entrepreneurship—of all types and on all levels—represents, therefore, the most potent impetus for economic growth.
Entrepreneurs are born, but they can also be created. In Italy what is needed above all is an immediate cultural shift, one that is profound and broad-ranging and sees entrepreneurs as the driving force of the economy of the 21st century and creators of jobs and prosperity.
To mark its first 50 years of activity, The European House-Ambrosetti wants to promote this message through its activity and initiatives, especially involving the younger generation (see Geyser and Golden Gate services).



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