Don't confuse efforts with results

300 passionate people, 56% are women, of which 46% have positions of responsibility.

Constantly looking for the best talents to offer them stimulating opportunities.

We work to promote the personal growth of People, women and men, established managers and young professionals, as well as that of the companies and institutions in which they operate, to encourage the search for effective solutions and the promotion of widespread learning processes.

In 2023, we welcomed 50 new People to the company, reaching 300 employees and collaborators. Always attentive to gender balance, 56% of our People are women, of which 46% have positions of responsibility.

We monitor changes in the labour market, to offer stimulating opportunities for the best talents, with the Genzy project, a podcast born to tell the jobs of the future and understand how the labour market is changing, and with JAM - Join the Ageless Mind, a project that aims to foster a positive intergenerational dialogue between workers, thus contributing to the growth of the country.

Genzy Speaks Up: colleagues from Generations Z and Y talk about the projects they are working on

The JAM team created Open Jam, a festival on today's labour market that involved 300 young managers and almost 2,000 students during the last edition, for an intense intergenerational exchange.

Thanks to our dedication to our People, in 2023 (for the third consecutive year) we were among the 141 companies awarded as Top Employer in Italy. The initiative certifies business excellence in HR policies and strategies and their implementation, aimed at contributing to the well-being of people, improving the working environment, and the labour market.