Always striving for excellence

Knowledge is the only fuel for a better world. For decades, we have been leaders in the professional training of the ruling class.  

At The European House - Ambrosetti we offer a well-rounded training programme for Top and Senior Managers on a wide range of platforms, with a distinctive methodology that combines live meetings with experts, company visits, live webinars, reserved meetings to discuss specific topics, international travel, and access to on-demand content.  

We create business communities, shaped around the needs of its members, for a continuous exchange of views and knowledge

Our permanent professional training platforms

TEHA Club 

TEHA Club is an exclusive network for the leaders of the public and private sector. Founded in 1999, it is designed for the Top Management of Groups and Multinationals and offers meetings where its members can exchange ideas and actionable proposals that are business, industry and innovation-driven. 

Every year, the Club's members are invited to more than 150 private meetings (accessible on-site or remotely) and asked to contribute to researches and analyses, among which the Ambrosetti Club Economic Indicatoran indicator that measures the sentiment of Italian companies and is built on a survey administered on a quarterly basis to over 400 CEOs

TEHA Club Europe 

TEHA Club Europe is a permanent platform based in Brussels for high-level discussion on business and economic issues and for networking purposes between Top Executives, policy makers and thought leaders in Europe. The Club provides its members with detailed insights and meeting opportunities in the heart of the European Union’s activities, to examine and know how to deal with the latest market trends, technology, standardization and geopolitical changes from a European perspective.

Aggiornamento Permanente (AP)

Aggiornamento Permanente is the leader permanent training programme for Top and Senior Managers in Italy, with more than 200 companies and 2,000 participants every year. More than 60 in-person meetings and 20 live webinars are offered to the members on an annual basis. Its programme covers topics that are relevant for managers' personal and professional development, such as innovation, leadership development, the future of marketing and communication, and also includes company visits to the best national and international organisations.

TEHA Management 

TEHA Management organises professional training events for the Middle Management that is preparing for senior management roles. Its programme is centered on soft skills and managerial skills, such as leadership, management, negotiation, communication, decision-making, creativity, and change management.

TEHA Live 

TEHA Live is a training programme platform designed for managers who have little time to do training. TEHA offers an on-line service with a rich database of video and on-line resources that can be browsed from various devices.

TEHA Academy

TEHA Academy creates training programmes for an entire company, from Executives to Professionals, starting with an assessment of skills needs and development perspectives of the target employees. Our method combines a company's internal expertise with that of high-level experts of their sector.

Leader del Futuro

Leader del Futuro is addressed to Tomorrow's Leaders, who have up to 35 years of age and want to sustain their career path by acquiring complex and up-to-date skills, creating a professional network of peers, and having international experiences.

Viaggi strategici 

Viaggi strategici is dedicated to designing customised travel experiences for a company's Executives who want to visit innovative ecosystems outside of Italy to get new insight and inspiration. With 20 years of experience and 19 countries visited, we have created tailor-made strategic journeys for 2,000 managers.

Global Summits

Global Summits are specialised one-day conferences focused on topics that are relevant for the Top Management and are characterised by an international scope, a high-level audience, and a practical approach to the discussed matters. Each Global Summit is held once a year, for a deep-dive into leadership, marketing, human resources, sustainability, and supply chain management.