International Forum on Agriculture and Food

The Forum is the annual event for the agrifood sector that brings together for over fifteen years top experts and exponents from the world of academia and representatives of national and international institutions. Its aim is to discuss and examine in-depth the full range of issues directly or indirectly linked to agriculture and agribusiness.

Coldiretti Forum 2017

Coldiretti, with its 1.5 million members, is the largest organization of agricultural businessmen in Italy and on a European level.

Its annual “International Forum on Agriculture and Food”, now in its 16th year, took place, as in the past, at Villa d’Este in Cernobbio on Friday, October 20 and Saturday, October 21, 2017.

The forum is a must-attend event in the calendars of farmers and agricultural business managers, and over the years it has increasingly attracted the interest and involvement of a large number of members of the financial, economic, social and institutional sectors in Italy and Europe who see in the destiny of Italy’s agrifood supply chain one of the crucial and unique keys to the country’s development.

Coldiretti is playing an active role in the fundamental aspects of a new development model. Agriculture could, in fact, become the advocate of values connected with reputation, sustainability, environmental protection, food security, health and dialogue with the consumer. These themes have emerged in the debate on various levels of responsibility, thus giving the forum, because of its large number of attendees, a pragmatic touch which, in a number of ways, is unique on the Italian scene.

Forum Coldiretti - 2016 Forum Coldiretti - 2016