Storytelling Workshop

Using Words and Maps to Talk About Companies

Thursday, October 5, 2017, 9:30 am – 6:00 pm
Scuola Holden – Storytelling and Performing Arts
(Piazza Borgo Dora, 59) TURIN.

Storytelling Workshop 2017

Storytelling Workshop
“Using Words and Maps to Talk About Companies”

October 5, 2017

Storytelling is the activity that defines what a story is, how it is constructed and, above all, how, why and when to use it successfully.

A full-day examining the principles and mechanisms of narration, this workshop is designed to sharpen the skills and tools for talking about ourselves and our companies, both inside and outside the organization.

Because the people listening to us are not just looking for information, but rather a reason for trusting in the goals, the product and the brand, and this trust must be communicated in a credible way through a story.

Participants were welcomed by an exceptional narrator—Mauro Berruto, Managing Director of the Scuola Holden and former head coach of the Italian Men’s Volleyball Team.

They took part in a hands-on, interactive workshop with highly-qualified teachers who will mix a range of disciplines, stories, images and strategies to deepen the knowledge and application of the narrative tools that can be used to talk about brands and companies. Following this, some of the projects created by participants will be presented in a group session.

Specifically, the following themes were examined during the workshop:

  • how to talk about the right thing, in the right way and at the right moment to engage and activate listeners;
  • the tools that are available;
  • where to look for stories;
  • how brands change when their stories are told;
  • what changes with digital technologies and the world of social media.

Mauro Berruto
Managing Director of the Holden School. Former coach of the Italian Men’s Volleyball Team and head coach of the youth teams. As the head of the Italian Volleyball Team, he won a number of medals, including the bronze medal at the London Olympics in 2012 and two silver medals at the European Championships (Vienna 2011 and Copenhagen 2013). He is also involved in management training, specifically team building, teamworking, leadership and goal setting. He is the author of the novel, “Andiamo a Vera Cruz con quattro acca” (2005, CONI Award for sports literature) and “Independiente Sporting” (2007).

Alice Avallone
Professor and Digital College Coordinator at the Holden School. She is a digital strategist for companies, public entities and communications agencies. At the same time, she is involved in communications and digital strategy training activities. She has also written a manual on these themes for Apogeo publishers, as well as periodic articles for trade magazines. For the last five years she has also been involved in Nuok, a travel-related project edited by fifty young people around the world, and is the recipient of a number of awards and three publications for the Bur Rizzoli publishing house.

Giuseppe Mazza
Professor of Advertising at the Holden School. He is one of the top award-winning Italian creatives in recent years, and is the recipient of many international awards: Cannes, Eurobest, New York Festival, Epica and ADCE. His campaign, “Mondadori -30%” was voted the best print daily of all time by the Art Directors Club Italiano. He has worked for leading Italian and international corporations, as well as numerous non-profit organizations. He is visiting professor at IULM University, Milan.

Emiliano Poddi
Writing and Professor of Corporate Storytelling at the Holden School. He leads seminars and workshops in Storytelling & Performing Arts within the Corporate Storytelling faculty. Theater and radio author for Radio2 Rai and Radio Svizzera Italiana, his novels include “Tre volte invano” (Premio Strega selection), “Alboràn” and, for Feltrinelli publishers, “Le vittorie imperfette” (2016). In 2011 he collaborated with the former international referee Roberto Rosetti in his autobiography “Nessun parla dell’arbitro”.

Eleonora Sottili
Professor of Narrative and Autobiographical Writing at the Holden School. With a degree in Clinical Psychology, she attended writing courses and workshops at the Holden School. In 2004 she began giving creative writing courses for adults and young people, and since 2008 she has worked with Einaudi publishers in Turin. March 2010 saw the release by Nottetempo publishers of her first novel “Il futuro è nella plastica” and in October 2015 her novel, “Se tu fossi neve” was published by Giunti Editori.

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